⚔️ Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 “The Long Night” Breakdown! ?

⚔️ Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 “The Long Night” Breakdown! ?

Previous Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBzgvqGLtM8&list=PL4ljI2jMuts1KYO9gCnhSGQ1fGJH6D4_-
Will Arya & Gendry Fulfill An Age Old Promise? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyT5U-aQJsM&list=PL4ljI2jMuts1KYO9gCnhSGQ1fGJH6D4_-&index=2
The Stark Kings Will RISE In The Crypt Of Winterfell! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywRKS2IwHd4&list=PL4ljI2jMuts1KYO9gCnhSGQ1fGJH6D4_-&index=3

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91 Responses

  1. vikas gamer says:

    Ghost is alive

  2. Charisma says:

    Current flaws:
    -Dothraki Cavalry: they should have been positioned on the flanks, once the dead attack, have the Dothraki ride in from each side and clear the wights.
    -Catapults: only used for one volley which served as a great cinematic experience but no military purpose whatsoever. Should have been positioned closer to the walls of winterfell and used to mow down wights.
    -Knights of the Vale: what happened to their cavalry? Also, we are told how well they fight in the snow, the best essentially, yet they all get taken down pretty quickly. Even the unsullied lasted longer and they’re from the East who have never fought in snow.
    -The Unsullied: why didn’t they have a more tactical formation, get into a push, attack, push, attack rhythm like in 300.
    -Archers: more archers needed to be stationed on the walls, just like the elves and men all stationed up on the walls and behind at Helms Deep.
    -Walls of Winterfell: where were the barrels of pitch to light when the dead came crawling up the walls.
    -Dragons: should have made more strafe runs burning the front line of wights running, which would effectively stop the wights behind as well.

    • TheRobotsWillEatYou says:

      Sun Tzu, is that you?

    • Bash Wetliar says:

      archers – > fire arrows are a “myth” 😀 how would a fast arrow not extinguish the flame?
      cav -> they mow in, sure but the dead just blop all over you, tower over each other float over your horses, who should go crazy anyway, but I hated ofc the fact that they just wasted the riders so openly
      catapults -> guess they had no other space
      wall of winterfell -> guess they just had no clue or time or whatsoever for pitch, pitch with dragonglass would be fine 😀 oh damn just think about some wildfire uhh this would have been great, but well no connections
      unsullied -> same as, enemy is really like the sea, it washes all over you

      I really hoped that the dead would rise in the crypts and fight for the starks, triggered by whatsoever, a shame somehow.

      In the end it was really all about kill the night king, shame that they didn’t parachute behind the enemy line and fought the generals 😀

    • overlord580 says:

      +chocomaster tulip Golden company will bend the knee.

    • Zfast4you says:

      and here we have tactical genius expert, on youtube spreading his wisdom to all of us, im honored.

    • Jamfar777 says:

      It’s like the writers forget military tactics for the purpose of plot. Which is crazy because just last season, Jon had a strategic battle against the Ward of the North

  3. Chuck Norris says:

    Does anyone else remember denerys Vision in season 3?
    Kings landing and the ion throne were covered in snow and the roof was broken. This was so epic and I was really looking forward to that.
    There are way too many unanswered questions and it seemed too easy to kill the night king :((

    • BoSTeLS says:

      . having a crazy undeath army… But just one stab with a knife needed and his entire army dies..
      And he goes in like frontline infantery… I call that easy!

    • 82 Habbal says:

      +Carla Ventura yeah easy, Winterfell should have fallen, and the army of the dead should have invaded the whole seven kingdoms, beside that Cersei can plot against Dany and Jon. But nooo… This was way too easy, after teasing the invasion (apocalypse even) for 7 seasons. Disappointing!

    • 82 Habbal says:

      +Chad P I hope so, because if this is the end of the NK then I’m pretty much disappointed.

    • Carla Ventura says:

      +82 Habbal this was fair, I couldn’t imagine all those characters (Jon, Danny, Arya, Sansa, Tyrion, Jamie, etc…) being just killed by the dead after all the things they have overcome, each one of them. To be finished just like that would have been disappointing for me.

    • Carla Ventura says:

      +82 Habbal wouldn’t you be more dissapointed if the Dragon queen would have been killed by one of those dead dothraki?

  4. Jack Collins says:

    After watching this episode, Jorah summed up how I felt: “I’m hurt. “

  5. Lord Loud says:

    Sam got Edd killed ??he should have had been in the crept with the rest of the important smart people ?loved the episode but wish the Night King had a longer reign ? that first charge pretty much gave the dead a free army lol

    • shane kearns says:

      There was a second when the king was staring at bran/Raven and the music stopped I wanted him to say something so much omfg?

  6. The Tempter says:

    Was major disappointed in this ending everything building to this , thousands of years of lore and prophecy just to have aria 1 shot the night king 🙁


  7. TheBoyThatDid says:

    The dathraki’s fire swords slowly going out while the tempo of the beat rises is one of scariest scenes I’ve ever seen.

    • Gargi Baruah says:

      Same here..that scene was so haunting that I thought this battle is lost before it started.

    • Joe Gabe says:

      dothraki charge was foolish, should have had them hiding in the woods on a flank to hit the wights from the side as they slammed into the unsullied wall. But you know… jon planning battles is always fooked

  8. Yash K says:

    I felt this episode was highly underwhelming. The fan theories were far more exciting.

    • ARCtrooperblueleader says:

      @Yash K – Fact.

    • M. H. says:

      Max Gon no major characters died. Only the B characters did. And they died underwhelming deaths

    • M. H. says:

      Matej Šuňavec I appreciated the show more when it killed off major characters. It’s what made the show extremely unpredictable and intense. Now everything is sunshine and rainbows for the main characters and we have nothing to worry about ☺️. Boring.

    • Q B says:

      M. H. Wouldn’t the show be even more unpredictable now….since you expected main characters to die and they didn’t.

    • mainly everything says:

      Fan theories are predictable. No one predicted Arya. Jon is my favourite character but him being the hero gets boring.
      Although it could have definitely been done better. It was Also foreshadowed massively with the dagger being given in the same place and arya sneaking up on Jon in the first episode

  9. Hansy says:

    All that and it only took Arya to stab him with a knife. SMH. What happened to the deeper meaning and what was the Night King’s agenda.

  10. kingragnork says:


  11. drphillips214 says:

    Jon Snow not crossing swords with the Night King is unforgivable.

  12. Pony Girl says:

    Did you watch the same episode? All this hype and for what? For what? A big build up for 8 seasons and the NK goes out like a feather. Ugh.

    • Rj Budler says:

      +Socally Who? Arya? Arya was with the Faceless for less than a year. She’s a fledgling… and she snuck through the entire courtyard, all the White Walkers, to jump out in the open from behind… coming out of nowhere? It was crap.

    • DBZ ROKKO says:

      Yeah he went down like a feather? Did we see the same episode? The whole army was nearly killed. Like 20% are highest alive. Dont tell me he was weak he turned over 100.000 dead soldiers including a dragon giants. And did again when Jon confronting him. He made an ice storm. Still he was just a white walker. Dont tell me he didn’t had an impact. If you think so, than you should probably make a fan fiction called nightkings tales.

    • eddiewinehosen says:

      Goes out like a feather? Did we just watch the same episode?? He annihilated Dany’s entire army, pretty much everyone in Winterfell, killed one dragon and you still want more? And no matter how big a threat the NK was and was painted as, the show is still called “Game of Thrones” the end game was always for the Iron Throne, not defeating the night king. And yes I would say Cersei is more dangerous, she was clever enough to stay out of this. Now she’s sitting pretty with 20.000 soldiers against an enemy that just lost its entire army!

    • thick_ madame95 says:

      Guys think about it. Walkers attack by command , the walkers with the NK weren’t on attack mode. NK never thought they had an actual way of killing him so he didn’t protect his back.

    • DBZ ROKKO says:

      +thick_ madame95 thats exactly the important fact. The same with undead. You can even see this, when the nightking moves them from the back of the dragon with a command. They are only puppets not more not less.

  13. Taylor Beckett says:

    The Battle was a letdown for me. They played it up so much, yet only a few people died. Big letdown.

    The action was also just ok. A lot of it was just so dark or blue that I didn’t really know what was happening.

    Also felt like the white walkers and Night King went out like bitches. We needed another episode of them, perhaps the dead should’ve beat the living at Winterfell and pushed the living back.

    Idk. Just didn’t feel satisfied.

    • markdude01 says:

      Felt like they just did what the fans wanted, nothing surprised me.

      All the main characters lived and the ones that died did so heroically and with honour, no surprises there

    • Captain Ron says:

      Trash writing. Trash directing. Tyrion, Varys were wasted. Nothing clever happened. Just stab the NK? How lame. Worst GOT episode ever

    • Socally says:

      Pushed them back to where lol…. if the dead defeated the living at winterfell that would mean you would be watching NK vs Cersei for episode 4 and all the main characters would be dead.

    • Joe M says:

      Some people are just never satisfied, but if you ask them what would they do differently they can’t come up with something better.

    • DBZ ROKKO says:

      Worst unlogical opinion ever. I forgot, that tryrion and Varis are Knights? Why so unpatiened. Do you think they are living for no reason? 3 Episodes left !!!! Most of you wanted more of the War in regards to throne. +Captain Ron

  14. Viggstable says:

    Beric wasnt brought back nearly 20 times, that was sarcasm from the hound….

    • _B_L_A_C_K_ says:

      I was just going to say something about that comment. They said when he was brought back after the hound killed him it was the 6th time.

    • Swedishmafia101 Shitposting Inc. says:

      6 times, 20 times… Damned be specifics. Get me more *ALE* !

  15. Fakhir Zafar says:

    After seeing episode 3 we can assume Sam will kill Cersei…?

  16. steverl22 says:

    People wasting years making up crazy theories just to have this magic plot armor cancel it all out. Lol

    • Chidi says:

      steverl22 ????

    • Long Johnathan says:

      +Matej Šuňavec I highly doubt GRRM told the directors to just have Arya kill the NK, 99% of main characters live in the “biggest battle ever filmed”, and Jon/ Danny’s Army is still large enough to take on Cersei

    • S M says:

      Yea the fans are more creative than D&D actually. Generic hubris james bond, saturday morning cartoon bullshit villain.

    • True Normality says:

      Lmao dumbasses tbh. It’s not JRRM writing for the show anymore. You really expect his level of story writing to be here? You fooled yourself then.

    • S M says:

      +True Normality You just admitted that they suck at writing compared to GRRM. We’re saying yup it does indeed suck. Thanks for agreeing champ.

  17. TigerStrike728 says:

    The real breakdown: Alot of darkness/shaky cam
    Arya Stabs Nightking

    • Ivy Moon says:


    • Swedishmafia101 Shitposting Inc. says:

      Arya descends from the Heavens to save humanity. Without her virginity she is strong and leaps into action and makes the Bringer of Eternal Night perish with a single thrust of Dagger of the Five Kings’ War.
      The Dead crumble before her, shocked by her heroic deed. So shocked, that they are unable to maintain their physical existence and break into cold shards of their former selves.

      All hail the might All-Queen Arya of Stark!

  18. The Hound says:

    They didnt even need the dothraki. Greyworm, gendry, tormund, brienne, and jaime killed like 2,000 wights each

    • Swedishmafia101 Shitposting Inc. says:

      I love how Jorah died by being stabbed with crude iron machetes through PLATE ARMOUR

    • Mohanad Saadeh says:

      Lol as if that’s enough. They can kill them all they want the night king just has to raise his hands and all the dead are undead now.

    • MaSal918 says:

      The Hound I don’t even understand why they ventured out there like that. They had never seen the dead fight and they cannot fight in the dark. They just took off like crazy thinking that their swords on fire were invincible.

    • Jonathan Mora says:

      Plot armor everywhere

    • Swedishmafia101 Shitposting Inc. says:

      Game of Thrones ended after season 6

  19. krishna priya says:

    They built the Night King in all these years just to die like that???

  20. Xenos369 says:

    Arent Dothraki like one of the best archers? Why couldn’t they man the wall and defend from a range? Ironborn are also excellent archers and we saw how badass 20 of them were against a legion of undead. Imagine an entire army of elite archers on the walls raining fire arrows on the undead.

    That woulda been a far more logical thing to do, instead of sending em on a suicide charge, and giving NK more soldiers…

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