👨🏽‍🦯🎥🍿How I watch movies blind

👨🏽‍🦯🎥🍿How I watch movies blind

🎥🍿👨🏽‍🦯The same director who did my documentary just came out with a short film that’s super freaky!! Check out it out:

👇🏼👇🏽Rent my Feature Length Documentary 👇🏿👇
A Shot In The Dark – Anthony Ferraro

🎥: Available now on Amazon Prime – https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B07RZ9Q7B1/ref=atv_yv_hom_c_unkc_1_1

🎥: Available now on Apple TV – https://tv.apple.com/us/movie/a-shot-in-the-dark/umc.cmc.hmlhafzk662dnz7vfidtq6ej

🎥: Available now on Google Play – https://play.google.com/store/movies/details/A_Shot_in_the_Dark?id=-iN_Hguh1ZI.P

🎥: Available now on Vimeo – https://vimeo.com/ondemand/ashotinthedark

Despite a lifetime of adversity, a blind high school wrestler attempts to win a New Jersey State Championship before the end of his senior year. Anthony Ferraro has always tried to live a normal life. As he entered junior high, Anthony decided to try his luck at wrestling. After a dismal first season, he begged his father to enroll him in a wrestling club. His father obliged and found a coach willing to teach a blind kid to wrestle. The following year, despite his obvious disadvantage, Anthony went 24-1. Three years later, Anthony has set a number of goals for himself; to become the first three-time District Champ in his school’s history, break the school record for most wins, and become the first blind state champion in New Jersey wrestling history. The question is, does he have a shot in the dark?

▶️Follow along my life – Anthony Ferraro. A Musician, Judoka, Motivational Speaker, Podcaster, Video Creator, Traveler, Adventurer, Son, Brother, Friend, Husband, Uncle, Dog Dad and more.

▶️Anthony is currently traveling the world in hopes to make it to the 2024 Paralympics in Paris, France. Anthony is a Blind Athlete (B1 Classification). Ranked #1 in -73kg category. Representing the United States of America and the Great State of New Jersey!

▶️Podcast Recap: https://www.fourbadeyes.com

▶️To learn more about Anthony Ferraro and the team at ASFVISION check out https://www.asfvision.com​ or https://www.turmericteatime.com​ or https://www.fourbadeyes.com

The Story Behind “A Shot In the Dark” – Chris Suchorsky – Director / Producer:

In the winter of 2012, I received an email from a former teammate and All-American wrestler, Lou Cerchio. He had come across a sizzle reel about a blind high school wrestler named Anthony Ferraro. Ollie, Anthony’s brother, had posted the sizzle with the hope of finding some help. He was looking to make a film about his little brother, who was a star wrestler, but also happened to be blind. I reached out to Ollie to discuss the project. To my surprise, he was now living in LA working as an editor for Hulu and had essentially abandoned the idea. A few months later, when he returned home to visit family, we met for lunch and discussed the film. Ollie was interested in making a short, but I thought there was potential for a feature film. After meeting with Anthony, we decided we would film him over his senior year of high school and “see what happens”.
A few months later, we were filming. Ollie produced from LA while my crew and I followed Anthony and his team throughout the 2012-2013 season. By the end of the year, the film had hit a standstill. Both Ollie and I were consumer with other projects. I believed there was a story in the can, but knew it was going to be a Herculean task to put a film together.
By 2015, I decided I wanted to finish the film. I had the first 15 minutes edited and had planned to sit down with Ollie to look at what I put together. Sadly, a few days later, Ollie passed away. At his funeral, I told Anthony I would finish the film.
Two years later, we had a rough cut of the film. We launched a Kickstarter campaign with the hope of reaching $40,000. We hit that number in four days and raised over $83,000 by the end of the campaign.
The film premiered at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival and went on to win eight Best Documentary and Audience Awards over the next year on the festival circuit. We received a number offers for the film including Soul Pancake (Rainn Wilson’s company), Chassy Media (Adam Carolla’s company) and Gravitas Ventures. We opted to release the film independently.

Chris Suchorsky
Director / Producer

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22 Responses

  1. Angela Parker says:

    I freaking love your wife she is so supportive!!! My husband is currently half blind and half deaf so I definitely understand the struggles. Keep it up wifey! Some days will get hard but you already know. Keep that positive energy up both of you!!!

  2. captain_skipper says:

    That’s actually a very interesting idea! Make a movie with foley so good a blind person is able to tell what is happening! And when it comes to deaf people make the scenes so visually expressive so they can tell what is happening even if you can’t hear! Ofc you would need awesome actors to pull that off! Ima add that to my creative journal so if I create a movie someday I can cater to my audience more!!

  3. Overland_406 says:

    You two are so wholesome ❤️ lost a friend who lost his eyesight and you remind me a lot of him. One love brother ❤️

  4. JacobLM says:

    I don’t know who you’re, where you come from but you’re blessing to others, the energy and positivity is crazy god bless Antony

    • tom W says:

      New Jersey

    • Snowcow117 says:

      i cried the other day while trying to exclaim that he is so happy with his life no matter the struggle. lifes been hard lately and were pulling through it, i just wish i could be as joyus as the man who cant see the beautiful world. and wish is different than want. wish means you arent trying

  5. Cal R says:

    So awesome Anthony! This makes me think about the audio aspect of movies in a whole new light. Do you have a favorite movie to listen to?

    PS: random side note but every time I hear the song “Sweater Weather” by The Neighborhood I’m reminded of you because they sing “one love” and it brings me instant gratitude and happiness to think of you and your videos. One love!!

  6. SickMade801 says:

    Aww I absolutely adore you two! You both are a huge gift from our higher power to spread love, life, and joy to the rest of us who aren’t handling life’s struggles as awesome as you are. My life has been really really hard and only has gotten worse since my parents we’re murdered. But I’m trying to pick up the pieces of myself and get back up. One love brudda and sister chick.

  7. Jordan Taylor says:

    I love it brother!!! Just by how positive you are about everything while being blind. Your awesome man!! Your an inspiration

  8. Bunny Frosting says:

    My ex was so accommodating as well! It’s unfortunately not always easy to meet folks who are willing to see past your disabilities, but I’m so glad you have such a great support system ❤️ love the pod too!

  9. Amanda N says:

    Your positivity never fails to brighten my day 😊 especially the one love! lol

  10. Scott No More says:

    Anthony you have inspired me to be more and to be a better me. Even down to just getting back on a skateboard. You guys are beautiful and awesome
    I could only ever wish for a love like you two share
    One love 🙏❤💛💙💚

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