🔴🎥 LIVE: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus Press Conference! #CR7DAY

🔴🎥 LIVE: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus Press Conference! #CR7DAY

🔴🎥 LIVE: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus Press Conference! #CR7DAY

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81 Responses

  1. Shervin Reynal says:

    Already conquered spain, england , now its time for italy

    • Jogador Raivoso says:

      He conquested Portugal also.

    • Alon Kelakon says:

      Afith Ashraf you wrong,,messi did more assist and goal,,ronald just a finisher,,in last three years iniesta and xavi era started to decline but modric and gang geting solid,thats the reason madrid stronger,,but with all those reason still messi stats better than ronaldo,,ronaldo better when madrid better but messi getting better while barca declining

    • clash of clans Nair says:

      Alon kelakon bro CL means the whole Europe…so in ur logic spain is not in Europe???

    • Alon Kelakon says:

      clash of clans Nair if madrid conquere europe why they cant win at least copa del rey? Ucl doesnt hv higher dificulty level,,compare to la liga,,as zidane say la liga more dificult and ronald failed…

    • PVP Tawa says:

      He didn’t conquer Portugal, he only won 1 super cup there.

  2. Um Variante Improvável says:

    Del Piero and Cr7 Forever 💪🌚💙

  3. Moroccan Football says:

    Good luck GOAT

  4. Sourav Pal says:

    love from India
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ for all supporters and cr7

  5. sharifbek safarbekov says:

    ronaldo you are the best

  6. Shayekh Ur Rahman says:

    Best in the World……Wish you all the best.

  7. Husin Nazar says:

    hala juventus

  8. cristian zucchelli e luna says:

    1 like=un gol di ronaldo
    Ps mi date un aiuto con gli iscritti??!

  9. Junior x says:

    Starts at 3:03

  10. Mustaq Tahmid says:

    Wtfs wrong with this translator

    • Vincent Rodriguez says:

      She is an horrible interpreter.The interpreter who translated Portuguese to Italian during the Joao Cancelo press conference was a real pro. He translated it almost instantly and did also have a flawless paraverbal communication by doing stuff like coping the way Cancelo laughed during the interview. It came across very authentic and was not hard to listen too, like this one.

    • Houdini97 says:

      Lol guys girl were translating 3 languages at once so I think it’s really good job and don’t forget how hard it’s to switch from one to other language nevermind do it with 3-4 languages guys.

    • farnaj WALKER says:

      Annoying translator Lady😬

    • AlexiuS GG says:

      You do realize it was live and they’re speaking very fast without pauses. As example, when politicians visit foreign countries, they take a pause after few sentences to let translators do their job. I find it impressive she was able to keep the pace.

    • LESTER CANAL says:

      Mustaq Tahmid she sounds terrible like she on drugs

  11. TheMaestro. says:

    Even though I’m a barca fan I have nothing but huge respect for Ronaldo👏👏Good luck in your new team.👊

    • Aakash Somani says:

      Whichever fan u are but u can’t deny What Andreas achieved for his club & his team.
      He was a absolute legend.
      As far as Their concern goes if we troll them & there fans they have the right to do it back.

      I have been a Real fan since Cr era started & still a madridsta by heart but I respect Leo Messi Equally & everyone else. No disrespect for the players just little pissed of by some fans who makes fun of Cr every damn time

    • clash of clans Nair says:

      Cool up dudes dnt fight

    • Caterina says:

      Aakash Somani Pérez is not an asshole, if Cristiano stayed more seasons in Madrid he was not going to get payed more because of age. It was a mutual decision, Cris wanted to leave, okay? It isn’t Perez fault. I’m a madridista, I like CR7, he played for 9 seasons, thank you @Cristiano, he did everything for Real Madrid! Let him be. He wants to explore new teams, let him. It’s nobody’s fault, why is it always somebody’s fault?

    • MrMaxxxy007 says:

      Your a fake fan !!!

    • Aakash Somani says:

      Caterina Than Angel Di Maria, Mesut Ozil left on there own or because of their age ?
      u & I both know Perez makes this calls & Perez is responsible for bringing any player in Real Madrid. So if player is leaving that’s on Perez too.
      The 2 I described above had a major issue with him so they left & look they are in magnificent form.
      Cr wanted his demands to be fulfilled so Perez should respect his discussion & give him what he wants because Barca gives every damn thing to Leo Messi & listens to there team members demnads.
      If u still don’t believe me, then just wait 1 more year u will understand whose right & whose wrong because many players are on a verge of leaving Real Madrid

  12. marco cherchi says:

    i wanna kill the person whos speaking over this,pissing me right off

  13. trudon says:

    this woman sounds drugged

  14. Loick Odilon says:

    I’m a big fan of Juventus, I hope that the coming of Ronaldo will bring us good luck to win the Champions League

  15. محمد صلاح اليوم says:

    i love cr7 soo much

  16. milo miriam says:

    Can’t wait for cl !!! It’s gonna be crazy 🙏🙏🙏

  17. PAULO JÚNIOR says:

    I AM FROM BRAZIL 🇧🇷🙋🏻‍🇮🇹

  18. Mesut Tv says:

    Ronaldo siiiii juventus

  19. Andrea Vivace says:


  20. Hkm Saharan says:

    We’ll miss you in Real Madrid.
    Still I love you and Juventus ❤️

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