😱 Astronauts eat THIS!?

😱 Astronauts eat THIS!?

[CC] You may ask yourself… Why? 🤔

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37 Responses

  1. Lillie Lyon says:

    Watching Arin guzzle down chicken out of a toothpaste tube was scarier than anything I saw during Halloween.

    • Sam Aspden says:

      I was less disgusted watching episode 2 of The Fall of the House of Usher, than i was during chicky nuggies being squirted into Arins mouth

    • ccggenius12 says:

      The studio appears to be primarily lit by those neon signs in the back. Do you suppose this is what they had in mind when that guy made Chicken in the Darkness?

    • Hexen Wulf says:

      I guarantee you that Arin was the type of kid who would eat a worm for a dollar and wouldn’t always stick around to get the money.

  2. RuralCapybara says:

    As a health inspector, Arin’s bit about reading the cottage foods safety warning is way funnier than I think he realizes. It’s so honest and so funny. 12/10 food safety joke

  3. Terence Wiggins says:

    My favorite part of the food episodes is tracking Arin’s slow decline as he consumes more food

  4. Lamp Shade says:

    I always love it when it’s obviously been a long time since their last recording session. So they both look like 3% different.

  5. Darien B says:

    I’ve always loved how the background staff are just as much a part of the show as the Grumps are.

  6. burningrose says:

    i always get delighted when the weekend ends and i forget power hour is on mondays and i get a nice lil surprise

  7. Sum Tam says:

    I love how Arin’s like “my hair gets tangled in space.” Meanwhile Dan: 1:00

  8. Hendrix Nava says:

    It’s amazing to me that Dan can go from “we are so blessed to do this for a living” to “why is this MY job?!” On a per episode basis.

  9. Mr. Spock says:

    I sprained my back and I am desperately trying not to laugh as much as I want to, but TMPH never fails to cheer me up lmaooo

  10. Silverback Shogun says:

    Arin and Danny making a Tim Curry reference from Red Alert is what I needed in my life 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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