πŸš› πŸš— The Interstate’s Forgotten Code πŸš— πŸš›

πŸš› πŸš— The Interstate’s Forgotten Code πŸš— πŸš›

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47 Responses

  1. Andrew Klein says:

    The 35E/35W finally makes sense! This was fun

    • Wolfgang Frick says:

      The I-35 splits are actually a holdover from an old AASHTO policy. Three-digit interstates (3DIs) weren’t always the only way to designate an offshoot of a 2DI; rather, the old interstate highway plans from the 1950s were littered with interstates that had directional suffixes at the ends. For example, I-15 in part of southern California was once called I-15W and its current spur, I-215, was once I-15E. In 1957, I-15W simply became I-15 and I-15E became I-215 in 1982.

      The suffixes proved to be a bit confusing because their directions did not correspond to the direction of travel (if you passed a sign saying you were traveling north on I-15W, it would no doubt confuse some people) so AASHTO, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, abolished all of them in 1980 with the exception of I-35’s two splits in the Twin Cities and the DFW Metroplex. I-69 is more recent, its three suffixed routes were designated between 2011 and 2014, and as such managed to get exceptions from the AASHTO policy.

    • Souledex says:

      @dbr opx 69c, no 35c

    • Farout3005 says:

      Thanks Andy!

    • TheGrandJeef says:

      i must not travel alot because i thought it was perfectly reasonable all this time

    • Sara Lueckenhoff says:

      @Alex Cervantes As a DFW resident I was thinking the same! No idea it did that in Minnesota as well

  2. b says:

    I like how CGP Grey videos follow a formula of: 1. find an interesting topic to educate the population2. almost have an existential crisis trying to piece together all the exceptions and inconsistent history to the concept previously discussed

    • gosta090 says:

      Even more, Grey picks up a topic you would never believe it was interesting until he uses his magic on it.

    • Just Another Commenter says:

      You literally copied this comment from another one that HAD correctly pressed the enter key, but just decided not to bother.

    • Midnight Flare says:

      What do you mean “almost”?

    • rashkavar says:

      @Orillion123456 To be fair, when it comes to humans, it is really quite rare for things to not be a rabbit hole. Either a system is old enough to have developed internalized exceptions, or it’s new enough that not everything has been thought through yet. Those holes that haven’t quite been thought through yet are generally the reason most of those exceptions came to be, so if a system isn’t one or the other, that’s probably because it’s in the transitional stage where it’s both.

      There are a few topics he’s picked out that are pretty clear and unmuddled – Hexagons are the Bestagons, for instance. Notably about geometry, not people, thus avoiding the messiness that is inherent to people.

    • Orillion123456 says:

      Yeah, he never picks any topics that have a straightforward reasonable answer. It’s always a rabbit hole of many “wait a minute”s and “but why? nobody knows”s stacked on top of each other.

  3. Iamjustaviewer says:

    Cgp grey is type of person that when gets annoyed by something not making sense instead of giving up makes a youtube video to educate us all. He’s an educational Angel

  4. SRFriso94 says:

    “I already cut so many from the script, you wouldn’t believe it…”
    Grey, you made a 21-minute video explaining why one particular detail didn’t make it into a 9-minute video and gave you sleepless nights for the better part of a year. We believe it.

  5. Peter David says:

    A fine return to form for the channel, well done!

  6. mini says:

    If someone has asked me yesterday “Hey, would you care to learn about the American interstates?”, I would’ve probably said no, but CGP Grey always seems to be able to take any subject and make it interesting and intriguing.

  7. fraizie says:

    German Autobahns have a similar system. Even numbers are west-east and odd numbers north-south. The higher the number, the more insignificant (shorter) that Autobahn

    • TheKazragore says:

      Not too different from here in Australia where the national highway is route 1, and shorter highways count up from there (more or less)

    • rk6314 says:

      The most significant Autobahn is Kraftwerk’s Autobahn.

    • Anthalas Daelith says:

      Look up the International E-road network, which the Autobahn is part of.

    • That Random Noob says:

      @Ugly German Truths yeah I believe it took him nearly 2 weeks to cross the country which he absolutely hated. Now it’s only a couple of days.

    • Ugly German Truths says:

      @Tim LeCount Also Ike had to move a lot pre war, due to being an officer that constantly was sent to another post and he LOATHED the old system without interconnecting highways across the whole continent. The Interstate project is a bit of a combination of both this loathing and his experiences in Europe.

  8. Lavinia Clark says:

    As a Minnesotan who grew up near the Twin Cities, I can safely say that I35 splits into east and west because neither of the cities wanted to bypass the other. Like a Canadian standoff where you’re holding doors open for each other.

  9. Coaster says:

    A moment of silence for everyone who watched this whole thing waiting for Grey to mention their specific interstate, but he never did.

  10. Tekking101 says:

    As a Pennsylvanian I appreciate the shout out to I-99.

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