🚨 BELLINGHAM THE HERO! 🚨 Barcelona vs. Real Madrid | LALIGA Highlights | ESPN FC

🚨 BELLINGHAM THE HERO! 🚨 Barcelona vs. Real Madrid | LALIGA Highlights | ESPN FC

In the first Clasico of the LALIGA season, Real Madrid complete the comeback courtesy of two second-half goals from none other than Jude Bellingham.
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40 Responses

  1. Cody says:

    Players are considered world class with stats like Jude’s at the end of the season, this is literally madness. 13 games, 13 goals and 3 assists. Still many games to go. A 100 mil signing actually living up to the price

    • Dan Lee says:

      More than living up to the price! Looking like a bargain at the moment!

    • Rich says:

      First Englishman I’ve seen in a while worth the price

    • El Buki says:

      because he’s playing as a striker almost of course he’s supposed to score goals

    • spikeyapples says:

      players are considered world class when they win something, moreover when they win a lot and consistently. and especially when they not only play on winning teams but are the driving forces in those teams. by that principle, Ibra or Haaland, for instance, are NOT world class–they are not leaders in their teams, they actually disappear from the view when the going gets tough. this Jude guy didn’t win anything with BVB either, and to see if he is world class you need several years of consistently performing at top level. tonight he scored one astonishing and one very lucky goal, while the opposing side had two shots on the post and an ungiven penalty, which could’ve made them run away like 3:0 way before he scored. let’s see if Bellingham has any silverware under his belt by the season’s end, to make conclusions he’s world class

    • Cody says:

      @El Buki Even the best strikers in the world aren’t putting up numbers like this at this moment.

  2. Aaron Dancil says:

    As a Dortmund fan, it’s been beautiful to watch the careers of players like Bellingham and Haaland grow to what they are now. At BVB we all knew they were special, now I’m glad the World can see how special they are. 🖤💛

  3. samy chabouh says:

    As a Barca fan it sucks that we had a couple chances to put the game away two off the post. But this game is all about taking your chances. Jude is turning out to be a wonderful player at Real Madrid. He clearly is loving the pressure of that jersey. Congrats to real today!

  4. JayCFC says:

    This man Bellingham is truly the best player in the world right now. The form he’s in, he just can’t stop scoring. What a talent🙌🏾

  5. Khroullo says:

    I love how no of us expected this from Bellingham, I think we all recognized he would do well for Madrid. But to carry them as a cm/cam is just a unreal.

  6. OG Wise says:

    The sound the ball made when Bellingham scored the first goal was insane 🚀

  7. JohneeFizter Bottom says:

    Jude Bellingham carrying Real Madrid. Legend in the making

  8. Ethan Lockwood says:

    Every goal scorer in this match played at Dortmund 💛🖤 lts great to see former players thriving!

  9. Breaking Chaos says:

    As a Barca fan, I have to admit Bellingham has an AMAZING game

  10. Esteban Falcon says:

    It is amazing how Bellingham has scored more goals this season so far, than hazard across 4 seasons

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