🚨 ELECTRIC EL CLASICO 🚨 Real Madrid vs. Barcelona | Spanish Super Cup Highlights | ESPN FC

🚨 ELECTRIC EL CLASICO 🚨 Real Madrid vs. Barcelona | Spanish Super Cup Highlights | ESPN FC

Barcelona win the 2023 Spanish Super Cup with a 3-1 win over Real Madrid in El Clasico. Gavi and Robert Lewandowski notched first-half goals for Barca followed by Pedri adding a third in the second half and Karim Benzema added a late consolation for Carlo Ancelotti’s side.
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42 Responses

  1. Syncratic says:

    Gavi – Lewandowski – Pedri: just a great combination in this match! The dominance Barca displayed was very surprising. Well earned win/trophy for Barca.

    • Elifasi Nimpagaritse says:

      did you see how strong is blade

    • Football _ Fanatic 😍 says:

      Barca kids just schooled Madrid team

    • Abdi says:

      Indeed we suffered a lot last season this season is ours vamos culers

    • Cristian Herrera says:

      @Sabernot really, he just showed all the non believers exactly why he’s the golden boy ahead of bellingham and company, he really is a generational talent, ive yet to see a spanish player play with such tenacity he looks like a south american on the field yet he also displays his amazing technique and quality on the ball, also seems to be ambidextrous and if thats the case he’ll go down as an all time barça great due to all those qualities put together and hopefully polished throughout his career

    • Ousman Jallow says:


  2. Yulia I says:

    Incredible performance by Barcelona! So well deserved and I’m so happy the team and Xavi have gotten their well-deserved trophy ❤💙

  3. LakeShow Highlights says:

    that pass by Pedri at 1:04 🤮 such a pin point pass amazing

  4. Ricardo Masvidal says:

    Gavi & Dembele played a great game today for Barca. Makes me excited for the future of Barcelona if they can play like this more

  5. Nik Sutliff says:

    Real Madrid really missing casemiro. Their defense was absolutely torn apart, looked so easy for Barcelona. Midfield is showing it’s age and the young guys don’t seem to be at it.

  6. Murad Ali says:

    As a Madrid fan I’m not sad at all that we lost this final. Props to Barca for the amazing play and tearing our defense. Everything sho s that we’re missing casemiro big time. I hope our morales get back high again for La Liga and CL.

    • Josue Barahona says:

      @Cristian Torosina solo acepten y no ofendan (barcaca) come on man!!

    • Cristian Torosina says:

      @Josue Barahona teams work their tactics around key players. Not trying to compare Messi to casemeiro but also look at Liverpool without mane. Casemiro played a crucial role in midfield that no other player can replace. I’m sure Madrid will find their way back but it’s normal. Happy for barcaca though 😅 you guys did well after so many derby losses. Well deserved

    • Francisco Martinez says:

      Madrid will be Madrid my friend. They’re another beast when it comes to Champions. Thanks for being a good sport about losing and not being a baby like a lot of other fans. Football is like this and you stick with your team regardless of how much you suffer.

    • Jonathan Roque says:

      @Josue Barahonathe guy is right tho one player can have a huge impact on a team, just how messi had a impact on barcelona, casemiro played a huge role in the madrid midfield so yes one man can make a team crumble

    • Jay Cesaire says:

      @Josue Barahona tell that to jugen klopp

  7. YRN Don says:

    2:19 Gavi is really starting to grow on me, after scoring a goal u would think he would try to dribble 1v1 but he goes outside foot to draw in the defender before passing to Lewa. Winning plays

  8. Deserving says:

    Glad that FC Barcelona finally wins something in two years! Forza Barca! ❤️💙

  9. Rohan Shukla says:

    Balde is sensational. Future star along with Gavi and Pedri.

  10. AlejoMarL2508 says:

    This has been the best performance from this team by far, we owned every single one of them on the field… in Xavi we Trust

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