🚨 FULL REACTION! 🚨 Stephen A. is LOVING the Cowboys’ playoff exit 😬 | First Take

🚨 FULL REACTION! 🚨 Stephen A. is LOVING the Cowboys’ playoff exit 😬 | First Take

On First Take, Stephen A. Smith, Michael Irvin and Dan Orlovsky talk in-depth about what happened to the Dallas Cowboys in their loss to the San Francisco 49ers.
0:00 Stephen A.’s impersonations
1:18 Michael Irvin on what went wrong for Dak Prescott
4:10 Dan Orlovsky on the reality of the Cowboys’ loss
10:00 Stephen A. FINALLY chimes in!
17:45 Tensions pick up between Stephen A. & The Playmaker!
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27 Responses

  1. fireman19841 says:

    You can see Dan trying so hard to hold in his laughter. Molly is just buckling her seatbelt for the ride

  2. Biased Sports Fan says:

    I love that Dan Orlovsky was dying of laughter the entire time. This just goes to show how entertaining Stephen A. is 😂

    • Yourmom says:

      @Jimmy Choo lol she said silly sausage 🤣🤣🤣💀 bro I’m in tears 😭😭

    • Hung Meow says:


    • Jimmy Choo says:

      @MoJoHand that’s disgusting but ok

    • MoJoHand says:

      Steven A’s a silly silly sausage 😂 truly the silliest sausage that’s ever lived…EVERRRRR🫡 LORD HAVE MERCY Y’ALL!!! Steven A’s so funny I always make sure I’m wearing a thicker pad when I watch him cuz he ALWAYS makes me laugh so hard I get a lil leakage 😭💗💕💖🙏🏽unfortunately my daddy & husband are white & they just don’t understand the powers that man Steven A’s got on the sisters 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • jsum33 says:

      Then maybe he should go be an actor and leave the discussion of sports to people who know sports. I don’t turn on ESPN to watch a hack make a fool of himself.

      Why does no one care that a network that got to where it is now by actually reporting on a sports and now it’s a left wing propaganda machine with almost zero highlights.

  3. Not Sure says:

    I tune in to watch Stephen A after every cowboy loss. Makes my day!

  4. Kyle McCartney says:

    The way Irvin just starts dying at Stephen A kills me everytime 😂

  5. Brian Holihan says:

    Kudos to Brock Purdy. He went against the toughest team he’s played so far, in the most high-stakes game of his career so far, and showed all the poise of a 7-year veteran. The quality of his play has stirred up a huge storm in Dallas and I’m lovin’ it.

  6. Silver Joystix says:

    This is what makes Stephen A. Smith exceptional

  7. Pierre says:

    So much to love about this clip!! From the Pinky impersonation to watching Molly try to navigate through all the hysteria.

  8. Gamer4Life_07 says:

    This was one of the best Stephan A Smiths first takes this year! 😂😂😂😂😂. This vid was pure gold.

  9. Aron Kelley says:

    The day after a Cowboys loss, is the best time of the year! Go 49ers! ❤

  10. Dustin Holguin says:

    Stephen A actually makes having to deal with this loss a little more enjoyable.

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