🚨 HUMBLING THRASHING?! 🚨 Girona vs. Real Madrid | LaLiga Highlights | ESPN FC

🚨 HUMBLING THRASHING?! 🚨 Girona vs. Real Madrid | LaLiga Highlights | ESPN FC

Valentin Castellanos had a night to remember as his four-goal haul led Girona to a 4-2 win over Real Madrid in LaLiga. #ESPNFC #espnfc #LaLiga #realmadrid

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46 Responses

  1. H says:

    This is football. Small teams beating big teams. The beauty of the sport.

    • sebastian says:

      @Noah Bodze As an american myself, its clear that the stupid ones are the ones that talk about something they know nothing about and try to sound smart doing it. Do you think professional football athletes (soccer is also called football) mindlessly kick the ball around waiting for something to happen? Everything play on the pitch is planned every kick every pass every setup down to the placement of each individual on the pitch seeing which team had the better strategy to come out on top that is what makes football beautiful. No arms? No problem these athletes train so whenever they’re handed the ball they know how to control the ball with their lower body. the game is understood clearly. Kick the ball to the other side of the goal, no using arms. That’s how simple i can make for you. Don’t underestimate football, you american vegetable it is the worlds most popular sport for a reason.

    • Seth Daniel says:

      ​@Honest Manchester United Fan yea but basketball is lame af

    • Daniel Montenegro says:

      ​@Honest Manchester United Fan crazy how American sports are against capitalism

  2. ichimichanga says:

    Crazy to see RM defensively so asleep . Rudi and Eder got beat so many times due to their positioning and lack of awareness. Carvajal didn’t do well either. Don’t even want to talk about Lunin’s performance. Great job Castellanos and Girona.

    • commonsensedatcom says:

      Lunin should have saved 1/2 of the goals but also you cant expect a keeper that barely gets playing time to confidently perform when randomly called upon. Football doesnt work that way.

    • Footballing Central says:

      ​@Ricardo Rivas Jrfair play to castellanos I met him last year when he used to play for new york city fc he’s really good. but Militao And Carvajal Play Like Terrorists Whenever Alaba Is out. I am sick and tired of ancelotti using that same garbage duo of Carvajal and Militao whenever Alaba is not present. Carvajal is so slow half of the time he’s non existent.
      Militao doesn’t know how to mark players he only looks at the direction of where the ball is and not the player itself. to back this claim looks at Darwin Nunez goal against real madrid in the 1st leg of the UCL ro16 you can see Militao doesn’t focus on the player but the ball. leaving Lunin with no chance to defend himself on time because Militao is supposed to be doing his job on Marking the player. I’ve said it before but everyone keeps telling me no, Militao is horrible without Alaba we have another Ramos-Varane Situation once again. Alaba can play fine without Militao but Militao can’t. Just like Varane didn’t play well at Madrid when Ramos was absent. He is not a leader he is the sidekick.

    • ichimichanga says:

      @Ricardo Rivas Jr I agree, but in my opinion, Lunin could have saved at least 1-2 of the shots.

    • Ricardo Rivas Jr says:

      A professional uncontested striker will score 9/10 times no matter who’s in goal, not all Lunin’s fault

  3. Luke Winter says:

    Making NYCFC proud! ❤ We miss Taty but I’m thrilled to see him shine in La Liga!

  4. CJGP Lego Footballer says:

    We miss Taty in NY. Glad the world’s getting to see his class. 🤌🤌🤌 4 goals 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Eric Herrera says:

    Proud to watch Taty get these goals after seeing him play in NYCFC!

  6. Kaitane says:

    This game pretty much summed up the whole league campaign. Shocking defensively at times, dropping points in games that needed to be won, absence of Behzema and Courtois, and Vinicius pretty much having to do everything almost by himself. I also hope this showed Ancelloti that Kroos cannot play CDM against Manchester City. It would be a disaster. Onto the next game.

    • MrScottMescudi says:

      @Jose Sainez I think they’d probably still get through but yeah it might’ve been a different story if they got Bayern two years in a row lol

    • MrScottMescudi says:

      @Kingjan Gaming Agreed, form for both is low but Lewa just hasn’t had any creativity with all the injuries in the squad. Benz is key for when Vini creates chances and you can see it in this game he didn’t have anybody in front of goal a few times he was looking up

    • MrScottMescudi says:

      @ VictorySkyz Bro swallowed 4 goals from mighty Girona

    • Jose Sainez says:

      @Skar Madrid always gets an easy group stage meanwhile Barcelona groups usually have most potential semi finalist, if Madrid was in barcas group they probably wouldn’t have made it through either

    • Kingjan Gaming says:

      @MrScottMescudi i’ve said lately, as in form recently, it’s like saying lewa has been good because he’s too scorer. he clearly hasn’t been very good

  7. Stan Smith says:

    *As a Real Madrid fan I’m not mad that Castellanos got his goals in. Dude deserves it, i watched him come up from the MLS and knew he had massive potential*

    *Anyway this game showed how important Coutois is to RM. Lunin is not ready yet*

    • u a b for finding this but alr says:

      @Mar C. lmao barca just got good.. like literally this year.. mentioning 2 years of barca being a disappointment is common knowledge and doesn’t equate to barca now.. sadly they faced a scary man united before the 16.. and then man united became trash after and lost to Sevilla by 3 which barca beat.. so they could of still been competing if they faced sevilla first instead.. but you would think real madrid fans would humble themselves after losing 3 out of 4 el classicos and losing la liga to a barca that cant even win europa league 😂🤣💀 also stop bringing up the past.. we know barca was trash but now real madrid became trash this year.. and clearly that 4-0 was just a fluke if they lost 4-2 to sevilla 😂 now madrid bout to go trophy less and yall mad af bringing up sht that happened 2 years ago 😂💀

    • Daniel Surian says:

      100% on point

    • Mar C. says:

      @Dark midnight So sort of like how Barca OWN refs? Or is it different?

    • Sam Su says:

      Luning is not the problem. The defenders are, especially Militao.

    • Dark midnight says:

      He OWNS Madrid 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  8. SA Seth Antonio says:

    So happy to see taty do so good in la liga after comin up from mls. NYCFC and their scouting is almost always perfect. Love that they can say that they helped him reach where he’s at rn, and that he’s mls alumni.

    • Joe Mamma says:

      @SA Seth Antonio idk but when river plate tried to sign him they wanted 10 million for him and they said that’s too much and if it wasn’t too much why did they have to Loan him

    • SA Seth Antonio says:

      @kiloDelta cool, still mls alumni, thanks tho

    • kiloDelta says:

      Nah he’s a South American alumni. He just brought his game to the mls to showed y’all how the game should be played 😂😂😂 don’t get carried away and claim my boy

    • SA Seth Antonio says:

      @Joe Mamma how much was the purchase clause? If girona don’t get him then another team will

    • Joe Mamma says:

      @Christopher Trujillo he is watch in June he’s gonna be back in the mls either that or they have to lower his transfer fee cause no one is gonna buy him for that amount of money

  9. Stephen Mason says:

    4 goals in a single game, wow, what a performance! 😃

  10. Chris M. says:

    This was Castellanos way of telling Madrid to buy him 🤣

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