🚨 LATE LATE DRAMA 🚨 Arsenal vs. Manchester City | FA Community Shield Highlights | ESPN FC

🚨 LATE LATE DRAMA 🚨 Arsenal vs. Manchester City | FA Community Shield Highlights | ESPN FC

The FA Community Shield was decided on penalties for the fourth time in the last seven seasons. Arsenal prevailed 4-1 over Manchester City in the shootout.
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45 Responses

  1. Nova says:

    How rodri didnt get a single yellow is absurd 🤦‍♂️

  2. Kontor Boateng says:

    Timber had the left side of the defense on lockdown until he came off and then City scored.

  3. izzojunior says:

    Rodri would have to chop someone’s head off to even get a telling off, let alone a yellow card 😂

  4. tutoreemimo says:

    Trossard has been lethal

  5. stink says:

    Timber is amazing best signing we had for a defender!

    • FBI says:

      My god, he was everywhere today! Declan was great too

    • Norman Williams says:

      Hopefully he starts alongside Saliba. Gabriel very mistake prone although he’s probably the biggest threat at set pieces

    • J.A.E. says:

      @Norman WilliamsI actually have a good feeling that this is what’s gonna happen. I don’t see Zinny losing his starting spot, maybe some games when we need to be more defensive… but timber has proven he can play on the left foot, so he easily could slot in for Gabriel!!!

    • Carlo Zollinger says:

      @J.A.E.or Zinchenko could start playing more in the midfield

    • J.A.E. says:

      @Carlo Zollinger maybe, idk if arteta will do that

  6. V Luhan says:

    Palmer is so talented and showcased it in the academy and the first team 2 seasons ago. Hopefully he can earn Peps trust to deliver the good this season.

  7. Neilson Martin says:

    I dont care how it came. But that will definitely be a psychological lift. I expect big things in the near future Arsenal. 👏🏾👍🏾👌🏾

    • Knight Rider says:

      Chill it was still a shaky game like past I didn’t see Anything different from previous games against them they missed lots of chances

    • Ashley K says:

      ​@Knight Ridernot sure about that – definitely improved defensively. They need a clinical striker – cuz they chances they miss could hurt city

    • J.A.E. says:

      @Knight Ridernot exactly, we played very we’ll defensively! The chances they had were few and our defense put them off of nearly every shot! It wasn’t until we took out starting lineup off that city became a real threat! Plus debruyne and foden came into the game as well…. I think this trophy means relatively nothing, but beating city definitely means alot! For confidence at the very least….

    • J.A.E. says:

      @Ashley Kput it like this. If we had Haaland, those chances would have been burried in the net….

    • Knight Rider says:

      @J.A.E. exactly

  8. Yoom says:

    what a penalty by viera, this kid is gonna be something else

  9. Sean Mahony says:

    Wouldn’t have taken as much drama if the refs called City for absolutely anything

    • J.A.E. says:

      Yeah that was a bit annoying they should have had a few yellows by the end of the first half, but we move!

    • Gobando 16 says:

      Yet you have to thank the refs for letting the game go to 102 minutes

    • J.A.E. says:

      @Gobando 16 did you pay attention to what the officials were saying during the match??? In most football games the ball is only in play for 52 minutes. That’s not a good thing…. with the new ruling, officials have to hurry breaks and count how long those breaks take. That’s the time that will be added back on! They literally did this at the World Cup……

  10. M Stoj says:

    That penalty at 12:35 was beautiful.

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