🚨 PENALTY SHOOTOUT! 🚨 Chelsea vs. Newcastle | Carabao Cup Highlights | ESPN FC

🚨 PENALTY SHOOTOUT! 🚨 Chelsea vs. Newcastle | Carabao Cup Highlights | ESPN FC

Chelsea are into the Carabao Cup semifinals in dramatic fashion as a late goal from Mykhailo Mudryk in second-half stoppage time leveled the match against Newcastle. Mauricio Pochettino’s side would prevail in the penalty shootout 4-2 against the Magpies.#ESPNFC #espnfc #Chelsea #Newcastle #CarabaoCup

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50 Responses

  1. @jfifthb says:

    what a weird match. that Callum Wilson goal looked like something out of a FIFA game. the Bruno challenge in the end was wild. glad Nkunku is finally back

  2. @Meepmeep888 says:

    Trippier has experienced some shockers the past few weeks. In this game alone, giving the ball away at Chelsea’s equalizer and then dragging his penalty wide. Feel for the guy

  3. @DutchvonDutch says:

    I’m sorry but HOW WAS THAT NOT A RED CARD?!

  4. @gibranadnan5788 says:

    Chelsea might be barely keeping their head afloat in the premier league, but we have this at the very least 😅

  5. @Rawnchie14 says:

    You can focus on the rash reaction by Mudryk as reckless, but I see a player who has not yet fit in with his club – coming to the defense of his teammate. I want more of this from the kid, gain confidence in himself and the confidence from his teammates.

    • @cconnell7009 says:

      I agree. I liked the spirit. Bought himself some respect from the locker room today. He just needs to keep that mentality, and his quality will continue as his confidence and game matures.

    • @greenstreet4ever says:

      mudryk has every right to defend his teammate. guimares is such a dirty scumbag.

      -arsenal fan

    • @notforplay84 says:

      It was a dirty foul by a dirty player.. I don’t want to see Mudryk get carded our but in that situation I liked the response. If this team doesn’t look out for one another then there’s no chance for them, up the CHELS!

    • @TheTitofan1 says:

      Mudryk hasn’t lived up to expectations

    • @jon27d says:

      ​​@@greenstreet4ever My brother is a Arsenal fan and he hates him too! I don’t remember what he did to arsenal but he seems to get away with so much!

  6. @cylancabello says:

    Love the way mudryk stood up to bruno alone

  7. @user-gf6jl1bc9w says:

    As a Chelsea fan I feel terrible for Trippier, seems like a great guy who’s just ran into a bit of bad luck lately. I hope he keeps his head up, he’s still a great player despite recent weeks

  8. @Argentoa says:

    I’ve never seen a player so good playing so badly in my life. That’s at least 3 games he has cost them.

  9. @mikemayers8672 says:

    Good Finish by Mudryk. He was very fast to get to the ball and calmly finish. Most would not have the speed to get there that fast.

  10. @Kwami357 says:

    Mudryk saved Chelsea to stay in this competition 👏 💙

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