0.38 Second Rubik’s Cube Solve

0.38 Second Rubik’s Cube Solve



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58 Responses

  1. morpheus ꀊ says:

    Made a little shoutout, your work deserves more attention.

  2. Basil Tchapaev says:

    can it sort black socks?

  3. Adam Brown says:

    That’s… A world record right?

  4. minichiggz says:

    i bet the whole cube explodes if a rotation doesn’t line up just right.

  5. Magnus Bekkengen says:

    I know nothing about rubik´s cube, but how did you find a combination of moves that involved the points where the cube hangs not to change places? or maybe thats a characteristic of the cube puzzle?

    • riffraff11235 says:

      Magnus Bekkengen No matter what moves you make with a Rubik’s cube, the center pieces of each face are always in the same position relative to each other.

    • Magnus Bekkengen says:

      thanks, so I did learn something about the Rubik’s cube from watching a robot do it then in less than half a second, thanks for confirming my suspicion. cheers

    • Pierre Pinguet says:

      yes, the way to “solve” any rubik’s cube is to learn the few sequences that end up only swapping two colors and letting everything else untouched. From that point, it’s just methodically applying the algorithm, and obviously a machine can do it faster than us.

  6. Atypical says:

    can it sort out my life ?

  7. Nico The Rabbit says:

    How do robots say goodbye?
    They use bye-nary

  8. DarkKitarist says:

    Can you make a robot that fixes crippling depression?? Please 🙂

  9. engineeringsquirrel says:

    Ooooh yeaaahh.

  10. heliaxx says:

    It should be able to rotate 2 parallel parts of the cube to sort even faster.

    • FoulOne says:

      Slow it down on the 0.03x section and you can see a few moves where it does just that.
      Edit. Correction, only one move where it moves parallel sides.

  11. Death Rainbow says:

    Put speed playback .25x and still can’t see it done slow enough

  12. Simba Lion says:

    I for one welcome the arrival of our new robot overlords.

  13. Nobody says:

    I blinked, what happened again?

  14. DASH99ER says:

    When the bank valt has a high tech security door and you gotta use Brute Force

  15. Tyler Farr says:

    Why did you have to replace orange with black?

  16. Limit Break says:

    Watching this in 2027

  17. Serene Aryal says:

    Woahh!! The TPS was 52.63. Magnetic cube have done the job again by aligning the layers which hepled the machine to spam TPS.

  18. WallFlee says:

    watch in 2x speed for full experience

  19. elTorpedo says:

    I would be impressed if it was using AI to solve the puzzle.

  20. Mahir Cave says:

    The mechanical precision is quite impressive

    • flow says:

      Hey dude, how to get that cool tick with your name?

    • BLVNK FVCE says:

      flow Become a decently sized/big youtuber. Get subs, likes, and high views on videos.

    • Scratch-O says:

      As a former roboticist, I guarantee that this is the latest in a line of machines that put in _juuuuust_ a little too much force, or twisted the sides _juuuuust_ a little over or under 90° increments, and ended up shooting Rubik’s Shards everywhere.

    • Scratch-O says:

      BLVNK FVCE Do they still have the “your profile pic or your channel header image must show your IRL face” rule?

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