02/10/16 FBI Siege, the Call from the Refuge.

02/10/16 FBI Siege, the Call from the Refuge.

This is the call that was rebroadcast live from the refuge on 02/10/16

Thanks to Nathan, the family and those working behind the scenes to keep this up.

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20 Responses

  1. Dianne Sturm says:

    I think all these people that are making negative comments are the kids
    that weren’t paying attention in class when the Constitution and Bill of
    rights were being taught. They aren’t even aware these guys are standing up
    for their rights and freedoms. Let me tell you nay Sayers one thing you
    might want to be aware of, Romans 14:10-Why dost thou judge thy brother?
    For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.14:11-For it is
    written, As I live, sayeth the Lord, every knee shall bow to me and every
    tongue confess to God. This includes you.

  2. ApplianceOperator says:

    Wow, for calling themselves God loving Christians, they sure have filthy

  3. terry gunter says:

    yep, listening to gospel, i’m so damn scared, I think I will move to
    ferguson or detroit! such terrorist……. you elected these officials
    ! feel the blame!

  4. Lockwood says:

    Comedy Gold!

  5. DuckYou says:

    Glad to see Cliven caved in without a fight. Lets hope the final four do
    the same. #LastMinutes of Freedom

  6. R0 says:


  7. Gcal1956 says:

    These people are absolute bonkers lol logic went right out the window and
    along with common sense. There are so many other ways to say things and get
    your point across. Sitting there yelling like lunatics is not one of them.

  8. carver 2400 says:

    BOYS !

  9. Sonofspam64 says:

    Perhaps history will record this event as “The Battle of WaterLube”, or
    “The Dildo Rebellion”, or “The Revolutionary Bore”. The Jury is out on
    that. I propose that the next phase, where they are all in jail, be dubbed:
    “The ShawSnack ReDumbtion”.

  10. Jayne Judkins says:


  11. Bart Simson says:

    Their is 696,064 people watching out of 3,050,000 so that show you how many
    are still sleeping in the United States and don’t give a damn about nothing
    but their cell phones and I pods every true American should be watching
    this because its coming to you and your family sooner than you think. This
    is just the begaining of the UN take over. Your government has sold you out
    to the Elite. These people are only doing what every American should be
    doing and that is defending their country. The FBI is working for the Elite
    and are the criminals They took a oath to defend the people not kill them
    and they all should be charged with treason. Just doing their job is a cop
    out they are taking blood money for their paychecks. If the FBI wanted to
    really defuse this then they would leave and not just keep aging things on.
    All of them are just a bunch of trigger happy thugs that have a chip on
    their shoulders for getting their ass beat all their lifes and now belong
    to gangs that are no different then the street gangs and don’t have the
    balls to stand alone.They always use that they were in fear of their life
    when they excute someone. So the way I see it if they are so scared then
    they need to go park cars. The FBI has been giving order from the top to do
    what ever it takes to make sure you see what will happen to you if you go
    against the out of control government. They are trying to make these people
    look like they are just a bunch of crazys that don’t want to obey.

  12. Alex Groovy says:

    i never laughed so much at the prayers.

  13. Jay Calverase says:

    Anyone notice these on here calling for blood do not use their real names?

  14. Debbie Akers says:

    Very few of your comments are helpful or logical. This is a bunch of
    panicking people in fear of their lives. They are not using good sense
    and are not able to promote the purpose at hand. I wish they would give
    up. I am in support of the purpose but they are no longer following a
    planned protocol and are going to end up dead and it will be because they
    are making some serious mistakes.

  15. dodgermutt says:

    Just idiots begging for attention. They think they are freedom fighters but
    really they are the idiots who started the Whiskey rebellion with less of a

  16. Love Your Mother says:

    Add “allowing Hillary to run for President” to the list of their
    grievances. Bwwaaahhhhaaaaahhhhaaa!!!

  17. carol g says:


  18. Sam Benette says:

    Blaine Cooper started this and then ran? I’m starting to believe this was
    all started on purpose….

  19. Debbie Darter says:

    Thank you, Gavin. Thank all of you! Thank you God! What a Miracle!

  20. Martin Hyizna says:

    LOL these yahoos are not only crazy but dangerous. You should listen to
    some of the blather coming from these holed-up renegades. It is a laundry
    list of extremist right-wing complaints. They are talking about Hillary
    Clinton and interest rates! LOL I can’t wait till they give up tonight.
    Enjoy federal prison you lunatic asshole renegade criminals!