Minecraft Monthly is a new series where we bring you Minecraft news, sneak peeks, and the occasional unsolicited fashion tip.

This first episode is a packed one! Join our newscaster, Vu Bui, and some special guests, as they cover:

– The Minecraft 1.20 Update: What’s it called? And will we be able to pronounce it?

– The upcoming release of our new game, Minecraft Legends

– Minecraft Dungeons coming to PlayStation Plus Monthly Games

– Some very fancy blocky footwear! And how not to wear it

– What Vu’s been hiding under his hat all this time

That last one’s wishful thinking, but you never know.

Pre-order Minecraft Legends here: https://minecraft.net/legends

Got any feedback on the upcoming 1.20 features? Head over to our Feedback site: https://aka.ms/MC120Feedback

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51 Responses

  1. wattles says:

    this is beautiful but we will never forget minecraft now

  2. SATAN says:

    It will be fantastic if the pink sheep spawn more easily in the cherry biome.

  3. Asmodeus says:

    Some features I would like to see added
    1- torchflower produce light
    2- bigger cherry blossom biomes with an increased chance of ponds with maybe koi fish
    3- more plants for the sniffer to dig up

  4. nice guy 2025🇺🇦 says:

    1:09 archeology
    1:51 sniffer
    2:57 cherry blossom biome
    3:49 armour trims
    4:35 minecraft legends
    6:11 minecraft crocs
    7:04 update name

  5. ShadoMimikyu says:

    Love how the new pots, camels, and armor trims make desert temples more fun to find instead of like “oh a desert temple ok” now its like “oh lets see what we find here!” xD
    The sniffer really helps with the forgotten past and archeology feel, and a new nice forest to top it off!

  6. Asalia GamingGlaxyFuchs 🦊🌙⭐️💠💜💙 says:

    What Minecraft has turned into! From a weird game made by only one person, to probably the best game ever created! I’m SO exited for the Update!!!

  7. Lars Wiese says:

    Would be great if more new seeds get added to the game so the sniffer is able to look for more seeds and we get new flowers, who maybe are more rare than others 😀

  8. PraiseThyNight says:

    Suggestion: once you use an armor trim, the material you used for the trim can be used to slightly repair the armor, that way you can keep your custom gear around longer without needing to pray for mending, and some of the lesser used materials like emeralds and copper get more uses

    • ZeroRaye says:

      Mending is really easy to get

    • Daemon Walker says:

      @PraiseThyNightyeah true i guess i didn’t realize that it’d kinda ruin the point of the feature

    • PraiseThyNight says:

      @Fluffy Dragon yea but villagers are annoying and there isn’t any of that risk/reward satisfaction

    • Fluffy Dragon says:

      You don’t need to pray if you just get a librarian that sells mending

    • PraiseThyNight says:

      @Daemon Walker i think keeping it as a customization feature is better, what i proposed would just be able to encourage using one more since you worry less about it being wasted on broken gear without making mending EVEN MORE of a necessity

  9. The Dark Ringed Fox says:

    Fun fact: the cherry blossom biome was a biome everyone wanted for years thank you Mojang for adding a biome we wanted

  10. Decrizor says:

    Here’s timestamps of the Minecraft Monthly episode.
    0:00 – Introduction to video (Brief summary)
    0:38 – What is Minecraft Monthly?
    1:02 – Snapshot Summary
    1:18 – Archeology
    1:51 – Sniffer
    2:58 – Cherry Blossom Biome (Short)
    3:49 – Armour Trims
    4:39 – Minecraft Legends News (Release date is April 18th)
    5:27 – Minecraft Dungeons News
    5:49 – Minecraft 1.20 suspense (No name yet)
    6:16 – Minecraft Footwear IRL (Crocs)
    6:54 – Minecraft 1.20 Update Name (*SPOILER* Trails and Tails Update)
    7:37 – Outro

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