“Blame it on Baby” The Album 4.17.20

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74 Responses

  1. FBI says:

    My dad went to get milk listening to dababy

    He still aint back

  2. Samuel Dutkanych says:

    Who else thinks that would be a successful business tho

  3. Ben Clepper says:

    my wife’s boyfriend didn’t let me stay up past 9 last night. i blame da baby

  4. Richard Waller says:

    stunna: I got rich in six months

    crowd: how you do dat

    stunna: I….. blame that shit on baby

  5. JuJu says:

    Teacher : Didn’t bring your homework huh, guess your dog ate it again?
    Me : Nah it was DaBaby

  6. Bey_ Savage says:

    Me: Yeah I robbed the local gas station and shot the clerk in his face twice … but *DaBaby made me do it* so we all cool right?

    Police Officer: I’m gunna let you off this time, but you gotta start hanging around with a better crowd because one day you can get in trouble for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Now get up on out of here before I call your momma.

  7. NLE Tanx says:

    I wasn’t the only one that called 1-800??? Right guys???

    *Nods head*

  8. Streamsville Speedway says:

    “How tf they let baby go platinum I thought he was whack and they didn’t even like him?”

  9. Thomas Johnson says:

    Everyone: Blame it on the baby

  10. Trunks says:

    Kids: *Our Parents Got A Divorce THATS DaBaby Fault*
    DaBaby: *LETS GOO*

  11. reubenjazzroberts says:

    I know I’m not the only one who thought this was a music video👇🏼😂

  12. 15k. S U P R E M E says:

    Who else would think this commercial should be on TV

  13. Hxllow Trxppedツ says:

    2019: I’m going baby on baby
    2020: I’m gonna blame it on baby

  14. Swavvy Luiz says:

    I stepped on a lego😡

    I blame it on dababy

  15. Daz Music says:

    ”Former Dababy director” ?

  16. BanceProductions says:

    “Our parents got a divorce and it was dababy’s fault” LMAO the stories got less and less realistic. The first one with the director that got fired was believable and then they just turned to pure comedy😭

  17. Big Brick says:

    DaBaby damn smart for making people promote his project like this

  18. DJ NEFF says:

    Dudes really the funniest in the game, could be a standup comedian to 😂😂💀💯💯

  19. Donta says:

    “Our parents got a divorce that’s Dababys fault” 😭😭

  20. SUPERBOSS YT says:

    corona virus exist:

    everyone: blame it on da baby
    da baby: LETS GOO

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