$1.9 billion Powerball jackpot drawing delayed to Tuesday morning

$1.9 billion Powerball jackpot drawing delayed to Tuesday morning

Monday night’s Powerball jackpot drawing was delayed due to a technical issue.

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49 Responses

  1. Me says:

    Wow! Has this ever happened before? It really brings the integrity of the drawing into question.

    • CryptoBra says:

      @omi god also headed one direction is correct it’s only headed up even with all this volatility . Zoom out , no one has lost money holding bitcoin for 4 years .. It’s math if you can’t understand supply and demand economics I can’t help you brother .

    • CryptoBra says:

      @omi god no. You just can’t believe there’s a system In Which Americans can actually save and gain wealth rather than lose it to inflation. In fact bitcoin does exactly that and of course it’s hard for you to fathom since the govt has been stealing our savings via inflation and taxation for years. Thats fine, sooner or later you’ll want to store your wealth in bitcoin rather than a bank account . Have a great day sir and please don’t buy bitcoin, you don’t deserve to be wealthy.

    • omi god says:

      @CryptoBra Anyone who claims that an investment is “only headed one direction” is a lying con. Stop being a lying con. We can all see you, pal.

    • omi god says:

      @CryptoBra I am not invested to “get rich”. I don’t have any particular need for more money – I’ve got all I need. The point of the exercise is to keep the money I have as secure as possible while growing the wealth.
      I can’t afford the kind of losses I’ve seen my friends endure who are invested in crypto.
      As I pointed out in a previous post, while Tesla will allow you to use Bitcoin to purchase a car, it only allows it at the CURRENT exchange rate IN DOLLARS for the Bitcoin offered.
      All currency is fiat currency, by the way. You should know that better than anyone, since Bitcoin is only worth what the market says it is. I trust the government more than I trust you, funny thing, huh?

    • CryptoBra says:

      @omi god prepare to applaud it’s math bro it’s only one direction bitcoin is headed and it’s up. You have unlimited Paparr dollars to buy a limited 21 million bitcoin. Simple math my guy but for sure 👍🏾 be good out there with your low risk low reward investments I’m sure everyone gets rich that way

  2. Angie Marques says:

    What went wrong is they weren’t done rigging it smh

  3. tzvikiii2 says:

    If the drawing isn’t live, then it kills the integrity of the game

    • tony walker says:

      @omi god you must be working for them as well if you really think what happened was some random act. You wouldn’t be able to understanding the level of stupidity in your brain right now. But I get it. You have to defend what you’ve been payed to do. So good job whoever you’re.

    • omi god says:

      @tony walker If you really think it’s fake, you’re delusional. Do you really think they would have INTENTIONALLY delayed the numbers? What possible reason would they have for doing that? See – that’s the whole problem with your stupid “conspiracy” bullcrap – you can’t come up with a reasonable theory for why there would have been a delay.

    • tony walker says:

      @omi god if you really think that quick fake video that was made up this morning is real. You’re Delusional. Do you think that delay was just a random act? Lmao.

    • omi god says:

      @tony walker How is it a “scam”? The numbers were drawn this morning – you can watch the video if you’re dubious.
      If your numbers match, you win. If they don’t, well, goodbye money. That’s how gambling works, you know.

    • tony walker says:

      This shit been a scam.

  4. MyTurboStang says:

    Ok, this just screams of fraud to me for some reason. The drawing should never ever be allowed to happen off camera, period!

  5. stylac says:

    Rest in peace, legitimate winner.

  6. Jet Gardner says:

    It’s my understanding that all purchased number combinations must be securely transmitted to the lottery HQ before the drawing can happen to prevent a seller from waiting for the winning numbers and then file a phony claim afterward and claim they were late. Something happened in Minnesota to delay the transmission of all their numbers, so the drawing can’t be made until all are in and registered.

  7. David Wolfe says:

    What isn’t rigged in this country anymore?

    • AmericanGiant100 says:

      @the broham Then why then Trump Loyalists Gov Kemp in Ga. The Arizona Governor and then VP Pence all claim Biden? Plus Trump claims since at least the 2008 Election when Obama won, it has been fixed. Sounds like Trump wants to follow in Vlad Putin footsteps and be POTUS for life. I can somewhat buy this Powerball been rigged. Not the elections at least in recent history. Shut up Broham and thanks for crashing this thread.

    • the broham says:

      just like the 2020 election “go to sleep everyone, we’ll tabulate the results and have them by tomorrow “

    • AmericanGiant100 says:

      @Deborah Whit Thanks for crashing a topic that has nothing to do with politics. Keep Quiet MAGA Lover.

    • JO says:

      your taxes,they know exactly what they are

    • Deborah Whit says:

      Just an example of what the Dems will do on Tuesday

  8. Sherrod Dickson says:

    This is actually crazy as hell

  9. Drako Kamikaze says:

    They delayed it until they knew the numbers sold that way nobody could hit it .

  10. Link Journey says:

    TL;DR. Someone actually won the 1.9 billion dollars and we actually can’t let that happen

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