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Today we figure out why this bath bomb cost $300!

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20 Responses

  1. Crafty Bree says:

    Wait when he found the 300$ was that real or did he add it into it???? Im sooo confused

  2. Amazing 26 says:

    It should not be a bath bomb it is supposed to be a pool bomb

  3. Fahmil KaderAli says:

    Guava juice is awesome

  4. Alexis Jones says:

    I want the money

  5. Mandi Nichole says:

    If you like guava juice you will love my channel 🙂 I promise!

  6. Berenice Honorato says:

    Is that real money

  7. sergio olivares says:

    can I have a dollar please

  8. RoiMarlinSUPERFAN says:

    I’m so excited right now. For so long I couldn’t leave comments but now I can.

  9. Mary Kang says:

    This is teddy -> ? teddy says hi ? teddy says clap your hands ? opps teddy died ?

  10. Mariama Joazard says:

    Did you put the money in it or was there actually $300 in the bath bomb?

  11. Gamer xx says:

    Fuzzy wassy was a bear fuzzy wassy had no hair fuzzy wassy wasn’t fuzzy wassy… So he forgot his purpose of life and just made big bath bombs…

  12. Jenkin says:

    Google ruined YouTube!

  13. JoeyGraywolfe says:


  14. Pablo Garcia says:

    Let’s of this guys videos make it to the trending page.

  15. Bruh_Its Valerie says:


  16. your watching Fonzie TV my nigga says:

    me i want some 20 please its for my mom where no doing well with are paymets and i want to help out my dads instagram is fonziedavis he is mean and is not helping because he is on drugs

  17. Chelsea-ann May says:

    the $1 bath bomb blends in with the walls in the intro

  18. YoloMan says:

    I want it plzzzzzzzz I am poor I just have $20 plzzzz

  19. Arcticfox Gaming says:

    500 300$ in one bath tub yay lots of money

  20. Sydney Franklin says:

    It DOES make you happy!!!!

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