1 dead, 7 injured in shooting at STEM school in Colorado; 2 suspects detained

1 dead, 7 injured in shooting at STEM school in Colorado; 2 suspects detained

The school of more than 1,800 students was immediately put on lockdown as authorities searched for the shooters.

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  1. Connie Reyes says:

    that poor family having to go through the tragedy of there Childs death. I cant even imagine

  2. Mr. Data says:

    2:17 thought he was an action figure ha

  3. Emma McFadden says:

    Ya know what’s really sad, that there was a threat like this in Colorado just about 2 weeks ago.

  4. gracem says:

    The amount of trauma this kind of event must have on a child (the victims) is saddening.

    • Trev Mac says:

      ? And it’s one, two, three,
      What are we fighting for ?
      Don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn,
      Next stop is Vietnam;
      And it’s five, six, seven,
      Open up the pearly gates,
      Well there ain’t no time to wonder why,
      Whoopee! we’re all gonna die. ?

    • baba duke says:


    • Michael Payne says:

      gracem SOUNDS ABOUT WHITE ??‍♂️

  5. autumnar vs. the wrld says:

    Rest In Peace to the kid who died, My heart goes out and this really hurts.

  6. VilifyExile says:

    Its a shame that my first reaction to this headline was: “Yeah. That happens”

    • Carey Queen says:

      +Nick gurr seriously this can never be normalized. Especially children killing other children.

    • Dustin G says:

      +Ali Shaikh Actually we have extremely strict gun laws. Have you ever tried going to a gun store and buying a gun? I’d suggest you do that before complaining about our gun laws. Also, just for the record, the EU has some of the strictest gun laws on Earth and in 2017 they had more mass shootings than we did here in the US.

    • Ali Shaikh says:

      +Dustin G Yeah I have. Last time i went to a gun show in WV I could buy an AR no problem.

    • Dustin G says:

      +CHONCHO Actually his stats are correct. I’d also like you to explain why the EU which has some of the strictest gun laws on Earth had more mass shootings in 2017 than we did here in the US if you think gun laws work so well.

    • JCRivera98 says:

      +Some Name school shootings shouldn’t be a thing in which we say “yeah it happens, people die”

  7. King of Youtube says:

    Let me guess, the shooters are mentally-ill and these events will be forgotten until it happens again… and again… and again

    • Michael Payne says:

      Casper D. Sounds like slavery that whites created or wars or invasion that whites created

    • Zyan Khan says:

      how can we get rid of it???
      what did those kids do to those shooter

    • seamo9000deBuilder SUPERBEING says:

      +Michael Payne That group has been disrespectful since BEING KICKED OUT THE MOTHERLAND(AFRICA) INto the caucus mountains, GOING to FINALLY SETTLE IN EUROPA. THEN years later your pink subject comes back to destroy the TRU ORI..ORIGINAL MAN. THEN LATER your stank ANCESTERS try $lavery cause they want to fuck darkness that matters. Kids taken from kings an QUEENS to be put into fuck me STATUS. THATS your PEOPLE DOE LOL

    • Weekend Warrior says:

      King of Youtube Sounds about white

    • 90AlmostFamous says:

      would ppl just stop fucking concentrate on labels and actually start concentrate on solutions ! coz the solution for shootings like this is completely different from solution for terrorism. If that is hard to understand, then lets say you eliminate all the terrorist group in the world, now would that stop shootings like this ??? Definetely NO ! maybe because the two are fooking different things !

      and about solution, how we start the source – stop bullying, peer pressure, punish the fucking kid who bullies, and if that is not achievable then how about putting guards at the school ? why the discussing has to go to gun control ? (which is impossible to do in america)

  8. Yeetus the fetus says:

    Imagine being the parents/parent of the one person who died.

    • Rolo Tomasi says:

      Slapmeat Higgins No one wants your guns retard. But as you prove, not everyone is of a mental capacity to own one. Guns are made for killing. Nothing wrong with preventing a life taking tool is not in the hands of the mentally challenged. This isn’t 1787. People are not firing muskets anymore. If you think it’s easier to stab 12 people than shoot them, there is no hope for you. What do you care about the Constitution anyway? Your fraud of a President disrespects it every day.

    • Dark Specter says:

      EpicDragonTK Because only ONE died. That one person is an extremely small chance, so the parents will be devastated

    • Mo Suan says:

      Jim Aubrey Imagine being in hell

    • Zyan Khan says:

      love and support to all of those who are suffering

  9. Frank Noble says:

    Damn that hit hard when he said “all too familiar”

    • Carey Queen says:

      +Tristun Alekzander stop believing Trump and Fox’s fake stats. Most homicides happen amongst white people killing their spouses parents and children for insurance money. Killing is part of white culture

    • Dustin G says:

      +Carey Queen ??? lmfao oh really?? Where’s your stats for that?

    • Dustin G says:

      +Slapmeat Higgins Agreed. These people are complete lunatics and are clearly mentally unstable. They’re living in fairy tale land.

    • theonlydz says:

      Callentay except gang violence has more reasoning behind it, it’s literally a turf war over reputation and drug trade, school shootings are senseless. Most gang shootings have strategic targets, you can’t compare the two.

    • Black cat dva says:

      stop believing Hillary and Cnn’s fake stats. Most homicides happen amongst black people killing their spouses parents and children for insurance money. Killing is part of black culture

  10. Ryan says:

    Stalin was right.
    The death of one is a tragedy, the death of a million is a statistic…

    • Jim Aubrey says:

      +Youtube Veterinarian got your address. I will see your family soon : )

    • Jim Aubrey says:

      +Tucsoncoyote 2019 the news is entertainment enjoy : )

    • Team Wabeenology says:

      +The Official GodTvRadio Show By Brett Keane but in the bible says u only serve one and if u don’t server him he gets mad

    • seamo9000deBuilder SUPERBEING says:

      Stalin is earth man. Nothing from nothing leaves……The women CAME BEFORE THE MAN OKAY?

  11. CGK says:

    And of course the media will broadcast the psychos who did this, glorifying them and creating copycats.

  12. Dad Man says:

    When a kid gets killed in Chicago they are just statistics, when they get killed in Colorado they are national tragedies complete with a melancholy music score and emotional 911 calls.

    • Dad Man says:

      +Andy Edward Don’t take me seriously. I am just a bot. I just wanted to expose your prejudice for ethnic minorities to see the biases held by many Americans. Have a nice day.

    • Dad Man says:

      +John Kim The slums you built for them?

    • Lisa S says:

      B/c politicians can use this for their own political gain…. that’s why you hear about this and not about random kids in a violent city like Chicago where it’s expected (unfortunately).

    • Dipjyoti Roy says:

      +John Kim Nailed it.

    • luis fernandez says:

      If it was a white man who kill the kid, it would make national headlines

  13. Luis Loboff says:

    “Nirvana hoodie” great way to play the stereotype

    • don't watch my videos they suck!! Pyle says:

      he wasn’t playing a stereo type, he was just trying to get the suspect identified so the bastards don’t kill anyone else

    • Luis Loboff says:

      don’t watch my videos they suck!! Pyle seems like u didn’t get it lad

  14. Siska Agustin says:

    I loved kids so much, this is heartbreaking for me… Rest in peace baby ??

  15. yakipu0222 焼きプ says:

    This is why students need to try
    *O N L I N E S C H O O L*

  16. Jonathan Lake says:

    We need to get armed guards in our schools it is the only effective way to keep our kids safe and if you disagree then please let me know A Better Way

    • Choco 123 says:

      Banning guns like all the other countries in the world perhaps. When armed guards in front of schools is your solution it means your country is fucked up to the core. We never had kids committing terrorists attacks in Europe.

    • NGU Warrior says:

      the shooter will get his weapon first and kill the guard doesnt matter he’s armed or not .

    • Eric TWJ says:

      Cassandra Chaya Khan that’s not going to work. People are still going to get guns and it will increase the buying of illegal guns. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

    • strawberryfields5872 says:

      +valroy anderson If you’re so confident in God’s ability to help you, how about I shoot a bullet at you, and you tell me if praying to the big man in the sky keeps the bullet from going through your head. Religion isn’t the way to fix anything in this world, let alone keep kids safe from school shooters, but keep praying bud.

    • Choco 123 says:

      Eric TWJ Thats a fucking stupid argument, people can get guns really easily in the US its like going to the groceries. People will still kill but not with fire weapons, the last school attacks in Europe were with bladed weapons

  17. RatedASMR says:

    “Dark hair nirvana hoodie” sounds about right

  18. alex salunas says:

    Hang whomever is guilty and revive them and REPEAT! As many times possible.

  19. lauren ward says:

    Let me guess, they just happened to be doing a drill next town over, the “ teens” had been interviewed by the FBI because of 15 warnings received, and the guns used were AR-15’s !

    • Lisa S says:

      At least some people have their eyes open. Just waiting for all of my liberal friends on FB to start posting their anti-gun memes now.
      I told my husband last week that this shit was going to happen. Just watch. Something would happen b/c there’s an election coming up and politicians need shit like this to get what they want.

  20. Door Spook says:

    Nirvana hoodie, purple hair….hmmm drug dealers? Gangbangers?” Nahh bruh, it’s all good they’re white and have massive psychological problems, they need help”
    Help getting in that cell or casket.

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