$1 Donut Vs. $100 Donut

$1 Donut Vs. $100 Donut

“This is truly the best donut I have ever had.”

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Joanna Park & Katie Villanueva
Ryan Ososky
Teresa Larsen

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20 Responses

  1. Rosekit 2 says:

    Dam I want some donuts now

  2. Amélie Lacroix says:

    $10 is a lot for a doughnut

  3. The ShoeNice says:

    i ate a donut dipped in Carolina Reaper hot sauce. ouch

  4. ProcrastiJade says:

    Someone take these guys to Morrisons. 50p for like 6 doughnuts.

  5. kc Tolentino says:

    chef:our prime donut has champagne glaze covered with gold with 12 types of chocolate and flour shipped from France.

    camera guy: it’s good.

  6. Entertainment says:

    $1 for a donut and u day it’s affordable??? Most only cost 50 cent gtfo

  7. Lily Tanella says:

    I like the cheapest one the best.

  8. KP 2020 says:

    I missed Andrew and Steven and Adam soooo much ughhhhh so happy they’re back!

  9. Jack Baxt says:

    Blinkie’s donuts are hands down one of the best ever. I used to walk there everyday before my elementary school started. ???

  10. Friesarefriends says:

    Honestly my favorite person is Adam I find him hilarious

  11. Carissa Explains It All says:

    I want Adam to be my boyfriend so bad

  12. Isabella Mah says:

    I wonder if Steven pays for this or buzz feed or what

  13. Sophie Ouzo says:

    The only thing still good about buzzfeed left

  14. Jasmyn Stichbury says:

    $100 bed vs $2000 dollar bed, anyone?

  15. AdrianZeAwes YT says:

    My friends I am not gonna buy donuts that cost $100, I need to be treated like a PRINCE if you were to convince me into buying that

  16. acrimoniousJPG says:

    Been waiting for Worth It. It’s the only series keeping this channel alive

  17. panda the bear says:

    Im cheesed how could they do a donut episode and not go the krispy kreme. SMH

  18. bts killed me says:

    $5 dildo vs $200 dildo

  19. Jonathan Gibson says:

    I am of the opinion that consuming gold is pointless and possibly the most pretentious thing a person can do.

  20. Anneh says:

    how to beat the jelly donut record that will never be beaten
    1. starve yourself for 3 days
    2.get a buffet of jelly donuts
    3. good job now nobody can break your record 😀

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