1 Gallon Jell-o Challenge (Lime)

1 Gallon Jell-o Challenge (Lime)

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2560 calories of Lime Jell-o

Pretty simple challenge, that wasn’t so simple to finish…


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56 Responses

  1. I Won Boys says:

    Stranger:How many jello cups can you eat?


  2. jai suriya says:

    *”I’m so nervous about this because I don’t know why”*
    That’s what he said.

  3. Big Chungus says:

    Doctor: You have the Matt Stonie
    Diabetes: How long do I have?

  4. Aditya Singh says:

    Lol I only come to his channel to read comments here.
    Legends says most humourus comments are found here

  5. OG TiTan says:

    Mum: okay honey, I’m off to work. What have you got planned for your Saturday?

    Me: I’m gonna see how fast this grown man can eat a gallon of jello.

  6. EugeniaCtibor says:

    I have a question to you eat before videos like did you eat your breakfast or this is your only meal.

  7. Edztooloose says:

    Matt stonie goes to store

    Store:Boi we gonna be rich today

  8. 10,000 subscribers with no video challenge says:

    *Matt post a video*

  9. Hamadii says:

    Eating all that crunchy stuff has took matt’s jawline to a whole next level

  10. FrizzMs says:

    Matt: enters the toilet

    Toilet: what have you got for me today?

  11. Pancreas says:

    Eats entire Costco pizza + 75 wings + 3 burgers + 3 Chillis + Family size Doritos: is fine

    Eats 1 bowl of jello: almost defeated

  12. Michael Valdez says:

    This pop up in my recommendations and I think his Matt Stonie is 50% Human and 50% Black Hole

  13. Emily Gray says:

    For us non-Americans, Jell-o is jelly??

  14. DonutGaming DG says:

    His stomach isn’t stomach
    It’s a portal to another dimension

  15. Jordan Bledsoe says:

    Matt: Toilet, we meet again

    Toilet: Ah, shit here we go again

  16. Fortnite Elementz says:

    Doctor: Make sure you’re drinking a lot of fluids today

    Matt Stonie’s brain: Well yes, but actually no

  17. Dhany Shaf says:

    “Now thats what I call a *Jelly Belly* hahah am I right son?

    Hahaha ha ha h

    Kill me…

  18. MiniTT says:

    Matt: “I can’t eat more”
    Grandma: *Looks at you*
    Matt: *Keeps going*

  19. sad prince says:

    All what’s going though my head during the video:

    “Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle”

  20. ItsFeold says:

    You need to get a toilet paper sponsor, cant imagine how much toilet paper you must spend after these videos…

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