1 Pro vs 3 of each rank until he loses (Insane Daniel Showmatch)

1 Pro vs 3 of each rank until he loses (Insane Daniel Showmatch)

The newest Rocket League superstar is here and it’s honestly kinda scary

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49 Responses

  1. Pigeony Boi says:

    I’m in the champ game feel free to flame me! Also this was extremely fun, thank you sunless for the invite!

    • zilik 444 says:

      @Blade it’s just facts

    • Zengoki GYH says:

      @MSG patient Yes ! Absolutely brilliant! A work of art haha

    • TySquared says:

      @zilik 444 hey man! obviously I cant speak as pigeony, but as someone on the same team (and likely w more hours) rocket league has always just been a fun passtime, rather than something I take serious. Im graduating this semester w my BSN in nursing and also play division 1 rugby at my college. In addition, rocket league editing has been way more of a priority the last three or so years I have played. Not all of us have the same goals, and even many SSL’s wont become pro in rocket league. So I’d recommend you also start looking into investing 😉

    • zilik 444 says:

      @TySquared already invest and I have potential to become ah pro if I got ssl in ah year

    • Darfoz says:

      You played pretty well!

  2. Austin Brown says:

    I loved how Sunless is hyped during the 1st game when we already know a Pro can beat 7 silvers 😂

  3. Nathan Johnson says:

    Daniel is actually just a being from another dimension sent here to show us how to actually play rocket league

  4. JSON_BOURNE says:

    I feel like I haven’t seen anyone be SO consistent with their first touches. Wildly good.

  5. Loyal_Prince says:

    He definitely left his mark in RLCS. He was an absolute beast in that event and I enjoyed every game he played in.

    • Loyal_Prince says:

      @xXBenplayz V2 By me saying that he left his mark means that for his first tournament he played really well and left his mark for people to recognise him. Don’t take it that far.

    • [SY] Bb2Ez says:

      @Bunnylad I’m led to suspicion that you know it was a spelling error 🤔

    • xXBenplayz V2 says:

      @Loyal_Prince oh ok thanks i understand

    • Bunnylad says:

      @[SY] Bb2Ez that’s why I said “I think you meant ‘definitely’” <3 but yes, it was a simple joke meant to make you blow some air out of your nostrils. Unfortunately OP changed his comment and now it doesn’t quite have the same impact

    • [SY] Bb2Ez says:

      @Bunnylad Yea true

  6. CBell says:

    love to see this for so many reasons. also if I find another RL player named daniel can he try this challenge?

  7. SeaDee says:

    Nah this guy is just too robotic everything he does seems like its been run through thousands of calculations to be so precise and perfect. What a prodigy!

    • Chandler H says:

      10:21 I thought the same thing right here. It may be subtle but even the way he comes off that wall to set himself up for the triple reset is so perfect. Insane talent and skill and he just started his career.

  8. MemerMan says:

    Wow, my guess was he’ll beat the diamonds and maybe the champs but i did not expect it, wp

  9. Daniel Sanchez says:

    As a fellow Daniel, we our glad he’s presenting us.

  10. AVorteX says:

    He’s so consistent, and the fact that he beat the champs with a 0 second goal is out of this world

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