1 Star vs. 5 Star Product Test

1 Star vs. 5 Star Product Test

Thanks to Capital One for sponsoring today’s episode. Some online products are great, and get 5 star reviews. Some are terrible, and get 1 star. Sometimes they’re indistinguishable.  GMM #1429

Check out http://www.capitalone.com/eno to learn all about how Eno, Capital One’s intelligent assistant, is looking out for you and your money.

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78 Responses

  1. Michael Nienhaus says:

    Holy Shit, Rhett mentioned Doctor Who !

  2. HereforRandL says:

    I was going to comment that those worms looked horrible but then the Ink thing happened

  3. C Babs says:

    “Does that unpleasant you?” – Link Neal.

  4. chloe chloe says:

    “Does that unpleasant you?” Has to be my favorite line from link 😂😂

  5. Anjali Ramanathan says:

    5:10 I think you mean Cassandra😂

  6. iTsMaio says:

    New most awkward moment on GMM
    *Rhett grunting* “Hands free mom”

  7. Erin LeFevers says:

    Doctor Who reference ftw!

    Moisturize me!!!

  8. The Gif says:

    “Moisturize me!”

  9. ShawolAD says:

    The neck exerciser was somethin’! xD

  10. Uhohhotdog Gaming says:


  11. Taedream says:

    “It’s a girl!!!! Born into a world of gender stereotypes!!!!”

    That got so real.

    • shawn sully says:

      Nobody’s stopping you from liking certain things, just because someone likes something thats typically for the opposite gender doesn’t mean anything. Don’t be such babies lol Also gender roles/stereotypes do not determine whether your a boy or a girl. There are only 2 genders.

    • Corey Dunn says:

      I know right? Like why would anyone ever want to communicate anything in an elegant way e.g. with colors? This is also why I hate that Americans have been brainwashed to associate ‘green’ with ‘go,’ and ‘red’ with ‘stop.’ So unfair (to green ofc)

    • VGMStudios33 says:

      It’s spelt ridiculous. 😉

    • SUPERTRIP™ says:

      +Shannon M. he did say the truth tho lmao

  12. Benjamin Ortolani says:

    Rhett: Now I know what flavor the baby is!

  13. Gaud says:

    1 star is generous tbh

  14. Experimental Fun says:

    Amazon is filled with fake 5 star reviews, never buy just based on iit having a lot of 5 stars, I normally read the 1,2 and 3 star reviews and see what kind of complaints they have before I buy something.

  15. Omniaura Films says:

    10:26 All that and the thumbnails the creepy face bank 😂

  16. Kara senpai says:

    Rhetts hair after shaking his head looked amazing

  17. Balala says:

    Rhett should shake his head to mess up his hair every day on purpose, cause it looks gooood man

  18. Aryanatomy says:

    12:17-12:26 *extreme content warning* LOL

  19. Rapha Conrad says:

    I thought I was the only one that thought the face bank looked like Cassandra from Doctor Who.
    When Rhett made that reference, the first thing that came to mind was…”Rhett’s a Whovian!”.

  20. EJ Banfield says:


    Reason #134696538847 why I love Rhett so much xD

    • Awkward-To-Awesome says:

      You do realize that gender stereotypes are vital to childhood development? We need to discuss which ones we should teach our children. Teaching no gender behavior can have bad effects on childhood development. I didn’t say that University of Washington did.

    • Awkward-To-Awesome says:

      +sunnie bear but what do their genetics say I wonder? 🤔🤔🤔

    • ᕼᗩIᗪEᑎ ᗯIᑕKᔕ says:

      It’s true but gender stereotypes are not really a problem at all. I thought it was a harmless but unfunny joke.

    • Allison Wyckoff says:

      Y’all if you would just LOOK IT UP I have and it says in bold THREE GENDERS y’all are ignorant

    • Emmy says:

      He only said that because it’s a PC show and it was in anticipation of comments of that nature…. lol he doesn’t actually think like you crazy people

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