1 Star vs. 5 Star Tech Products Test

1 Star vs. 5 Star Tech Products Test

We’re checking out the best and the worst of Amazon’s tech products!  GMM #1487

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63 Responses

  1. James Fernandes says:


    Like to have an AMAZING Day ?xx

  2. Erica says:

    When Rhett snatched that knife from Link, he even made the “uhp!” sound a parent makes right before they stop their child from doing something dangerous haha

    • Chicken McNobody says:

      He did it so instinctively, I love it ?

    • cybertree says:

      I was literally just going to comment the same thing, he wasn’t even surprised, he just took it away like Link was doing that all morning xD.

      **They NEED to do an episode where they give Link a bunch of dangerous items lol.**
      (Like see if he can do a challenge without popping a balloon, or bring in a weapons expert.)

    • Erica says:

      +cybertree omg that is such a good idea! They could open with a short montage of all the questionable things Link has done, bring in a weapons expert to supervise, and put Link in a comedic amount of protective gear and have him use items he isn’t normally trusted with or things Rhett has ripped from his hands in other episodes. Rhett can watch from behind a plexiglass safety wall like Mythbusters used to use! If they give him darts Chase can wait safely out in the parking lot, just in case haha

    • PiousMoltar says:

      So Link then attempts to blind himself with lasers.

    • Kathi R says:

      +Erica I love that you say a “short” montage. We all know it will not be a short montage. The times Link has endangered himself or those around him is enough for a full length video xD

  3. Elizabeth Sanderson says:

    Rhett is so protective over Link! This is so precious ❤️

  4. Sofia Rivera says:

    Rett: it doesn’t have to be a butterfly
    Link: make it Tupac
    Me: DO IT

  5. ClueingForLooks says:

    8:12 Rhett: Don’t put it on your eyes
    8:13 Link: *immediately puts in eyes*

  6. Deanna Jackson says:

    Rhett’s crush on Rhianna is too funny. ???

  7. ElementarWRRRYYY WRRRYYYcess says:

    Mr. Predicto is a straight savage.

  8. Pyro Chrys says:

    13:41 what are the freaking odds?

  9. satherandfon says:

    11:25 BOOB DEE BOOB BBOOB BBOOB it’s a haunted doll watch

  10. ScourgeHH says:

    You guys should do an episode with Matthias from DopeorNope. This is right up his alley

  11. Kriptonite OSpark says:

    “Why are you severing a foot that has already been severed”??????

  12. Study Break says:

    13:35 You just can’t write comedy like that…

  13. Study Break says:

    5:07 who else noticed Rhett gently place the sharp object as far from Link as possible??

  14. Ericat says:

    You guys didn’t search for Nartufoti with the blacklight!!!! Missed opportunity if I ever saw one. Lol

  15. Christi Thornburg says:

    And we all know what type of stains show up under blacklight.. ?

  16. Joseph Fillon says:

    Rhett: Just don’t shine it in your eyes
    Link: *immediately does it anyway*

  17. Fuhq Ewe says:

    Link is such a man-child, poor Rhett having to babysit.
    No Link, don’t touch the knife. No Link, stop putting laser beams in your eyeballs.

  18. Kadz says:

    “Mr Predicto, are we gonna be friends?”


  19. baile beck says:

    i’m ready for youresoloud’s edit of this video

  20. adrian vasquez says:

    “Hey let’s go out” “yeah hold on for a minute my water bottle is charging” ?

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