$1 Sushi Vs. $133 Sushi • Japan

$1 Sushi Vs. $133 Sushi • Japan

“It’s like the Tinder of dining.”

Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/53634

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41 Responses

  1. Zach Choi ASMR says:

    *Sushi I can afford vs Sushi I can never afford*

  2. Keith Rogers says:

    ? Baby girl what you doing were you mans. I just popped a xan 133 dollars for sushi in Japan ?

    My brain is weird

  3. faithongyx says:

    i’m a chinese but *dua is 2 in malay* !! technically steven is not wrong hahaha?

  4. Henkka says:

    They should get pranked by the staff in the following way: they have the normal cheap vs expensive until the expensive meal. The staff and chef pranks them by giving them something disgusting but fancy looking and then we see if they ”like” it becouse they are being nice

  5. Noel Ramos says:

    I love sushi, so I’m sitting salivating whilst filled with envy.

    Edit: I was so into the video I didn’t even notice it was 20 minutes long.

  6. Hello World says:

    I really hope the next one is going to be dumplings.

  7. Bridget Tien Ho says:

    adam is everyones work wife

  8. Vasishtha Teeluckdharry says:

    I want to go to everyone of these restaurants ASAP. Everyone is a different experience.

  9. Nmm mm says:

    I’m a simple guy. I see Rie I click like and I watch the video 23 times and I cry because it’s over

  10. ethanindaeyo says:

    Adam and Steven are besties. I feel like they got closer and more friendly.

  11. Bhargav Bhupathi says:

    If there’s anything better than Worth It Trio, it’s Rie + Worth It Trio

  12. J ellowpy says:

    Andrew looks like a James Bond villain.. in a good way. Suave and elegant looking damn (no homo)

  13. Nmm mm says:


  14. reluctantmuggle says:

    I love that the price points were on point this time. Like a perfectly budget restaurant that someone could go to at anytime or a truly wonderful expensive option

  15. Phyllinator Terminator says:

    omg japanese restaurants are so next level. like dude getting a reward of playing games from eating plates of sushi? yes please. I if thats the only reward requiring no thinking and just eating to win, im in.

  16. Julie Heath says:

    Can you please do a episode on ice coffee? ☕️?

  17. Pyralis says:

    So glad the last sushi place wasn’t expensive just because they put gold leafs on the food 🙂

  18. Martin Ssempa says:

    $133 seems really underpriced actually, I’d rather eat there than a restaurant serving a $1000 meal with gold and caviar etc. even if it would be the same price

  19. NanaNEET says:

    That last chef was really nice and modest. Would really like to go to his restaurant now.

  20. Phils Eyelash says:

    Kyubey was perhaps by far one of my favourite places that they’d gone to. Beautiful restaurant, the food was elegant and well put together and the chef was one of the most prestigious in the business, however it still maintained that slightly casual and enjoyable atmosphere without taking away from the classiness. Wow.

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