10 3D Printed Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test

10 3D Printed Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test

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20 Responses

  1. Aman Dhiman 22 says:

    Hey buddy your video was good as like older one’s. Can you please do me a favour.. Can u do a dab in your next videos..Plz. Nd keep making videos. We love your content.

  2. Sahil Raj says:

    He’s good at cooking & cutting

  3. LorenzoDIYz says:

    I love your dogs 😍

  4. Kaiwachi FPV says:

    Ask “gearbest” website to send you the “Creality CR-10” printer !

  5. Daniel Kristensen says:

    My favorite is the fork finger

  6. Mr. Gamer says:

    Welcome back in my laboratory…..
    Thats a kitchen

  7. ULTIMATEVortex127 says:

    if theres an 3D printed word *BOOM* i would buy that in 1 sec

  8. Mithi Rust & More says:

    Amazing video ! Can you show ur dog ? πŸ˜‚

  9. Chronos King says:

    this guy is too good for this world

  10. Michael Fitzgerald says:

    Love to see you with your dogs, they really do love you so much!

  11. Rockrider Brothers says:

    Why aren’t you doing videos with Dennis Roady and Furious Pete?

  12. Adam Dam says:

    I thought that was a 3D printed sushi.

  13. HVG Ocean Maboloc says:

    I never knew your dog liked keys.

  14. thechrissyb says:

    I always like to hang my recurve from my kitchen ceiling, I wonder if Taras does too. ooooh wait one minute πŸ™‚


    Sweet Slippers lol
    Keep up the great informative videos

  16. Tony Fowler says:

    Did any body else see his dig in the background

  17. AlabasterJazz says:

    You should try a nifty gadget called a cutting board: they come in either wood or plastic, and are much better for your knives and counter-top, plus they are pretty easy to clean πŸ™‚

  18. JC360noscope says:

    Noooooo where’s the parrot I no entertained with video without parrot

  19. Youssra Guedira says:

    HAHAHA i’m sorry but ur accent is hilarious

  20. bdvideo 34 says:

    3rd video in trending in a row 😎 BOOM!

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