10 Ancient Inventions Science Can’t Explain!

10 Ancient Inventions Science Can’t Explain!

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20 Responses

  1. Emme Clowdus says:

    Ok… I don’t believe in aliens, or time travelers, but aliens or time travelers had to build this stuff. I see no other explanation…

  2. Oshawatt Dewott Samerot says:

    You’re amazing Matthew

  3. FuckFace 9000 says:

    Bet scientists can’t even explain how yo egg shaped bald headed ass so shiny

  4. John-Michael Barnhill says:

    Leonardo DaVinci was actually an alien, from a planet of hyper-intelligent humanoids. He was also the stupidest of his species, which is why he came to Earth.

  5. laighton beer says:

    Am I the only one who noticed a skip in the video at number 10 ???

  6. ★Tokusuke the Nova Warrior★ says:

    Matt, check in at 10:44, around this mark, there was a weird cut in the video you made.

  7. 7 says:

    Is mayonnaise an instrument?

  8. blackbull2433 says:

    Hey girl, are you an Ancient Invention? Cause you’re a Saksaywaman

  9. Aaron bilger says:

    Give me $9000,000000000 and i’ll solve all of those Inventions

  10. NotTheRealTiny says:

    Has Anyone noticed during the greek fire part Ezio Auditore Was there Running (He is A protagonist from the game Assassins Creed Revelations)it is at 2:48

  11. syi666 says:

    damascus is just patterned steel. they do it all the time on man at arms. This video shoud have been titled 1 real thing and 9 lies

  12. Cutie bubblegum says:

    What if we are the past? =/

  13. paft dunk says:

    Is it me or is he getting less funny lately?

  14. Machineklr0146 says:

    Greek fire… sounds EXACTLY like napalm which yes burns in water and clings to skin

  15. Luis Garay says:

    africa was robbed naked by the white man they were the first advanced civilization

  16. macaroni grille says:

    HAHAHAHAHA “las bolas” means the balls????

  17. Dark x Steel says:

    10:41 Sexy woman..??

  18. safnhuo says:

    Have you ever seen videos and info on lost tribes? Real life people in remote locations who never advanced like the rest of humanity did. They haven’t even discovered the wheel yet. Lost tribes always have me contemplating. What if those wack job Ancient alien conspiracy theorists were half right? What if, and this is a big “what if”. The explanation for the undiscovered advanced technologies that archeologists believe some early civilizations had(Ex: the underground cities that archeologists discovered and stated could have only been built with a large drill-like excavation tool, as digging it in its particular state would have been impossible to do with primitive tools) and the explanation for the prehistoric cave drawings of astronaut looking humanoids and the ancient Sumarian carvings and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that both depict imagery resembling space ships, could be that there were once evolved or advanced humans/humanoids(not aliens) on earth and our early ancestors were seen as Tribes that were out of contact with society.

    What if the beings that early humans interpretated as gods were actually humans that evolved, attempted to reconnect our ancestors with society, and moved on to other planets after they found out it wasn’t working out between us. You may think this is far fetched, but in the late 1400s my native American ancestors thought the Spaniards who were dressed in armor, were supernatural creatures made of metal, they thought British naval ships of the colonial era were sea demons, and gun rifles were metal staffs that shot magic fire projectiles.

    These lost Tribes today, probably think a plane is a divine sky bird, or that other people visiting are entities from another realm. By us visiting them, we may have just contributed to their religion. When I look at what happens with these Tribes today, then look at the advanced civilizations of the past, the concept of our early human ancestors being uncivilized Tribes living on a planet with an advanced human society, doesn’t seem so impossible. And considering that NASA is currently focusing on interstellar travel, and is set to continue putting a majority of their funds and focus on it for years to come, history may very well end up repeating itself.

  19. Ivan Ljujic says:

    Matt’s hair is on the wrong side of his head. AGAIN

  20. siddhant gadkari says:

    But did they have memes tho…

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