10 Ancient Languages that Disappeared!

10 Ancient Languages that Disappeared!

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74 Responses

  1. The Anime Gamer Girl 101 says:

    Wow! Iโ€™m early! You are an amazing person!!!!

  2. Syem Chi says:

    He was speaking matthew from the land of mathewnia

  3. Kaitlyn Scherner says:


    To like my own comment

  4. Ganapathy Shanmugam says:

    Tamil is the oldest still spoken language in the world

    • Yoyo Yeah says:

      no its baby language

    • Gregg Gaalen says:

      No itโ€™s no language

    • Suha Nafsi says:

      Tim Tim Bum Fiddler my language is Bangla which came from Sanskrit. When I say I’m Bangladeshi, people knows which language I’m talking about. Why because we sacrificed our life for the right to speak Bangla. We spoke in Bangla before England ruled us. We just named our country after our language. The international mother language is may not important to you but to us it is a mourning day. So please do not disrespect Bangla. And yes you should know the origin of your language because it wasn’t created in one day. Americans mostly speak in English which came from British English.

    • Alrighty Then! says:


    • Your Highness says:

      i just know that Serbian is one of Slovenian languages appeared in 11 century and its the hardest language to learn how to speak

  5. Cypher Brittainne says:

    Scariest Creepypastas Ever Told Part 4?

    • Hannah Natalie Machado says:

      no please? it gives off such negative vibes. when matthew was experiencing you know his “sickness” most of his videos were about dark stuff. Now he is recovering and he is posting light stuff. Let us just support him and not ask for anything creepy or dark because believe it or not, it does affect one’s mood. No dark videos until he recovers. I think that’s for the best.

    • Leandro Miguel says:

      Cypher Brittainne YES!!

    • captaingrifrvb/justsayorii /Morgan Spinelli says:

      except no creepypasta is scary

    • Septic Shock says:

      How about a dramatic reading of creepy pastas part 1?

    • maria glenn says:

      victor onyemechi Iโ€™ll subscribe too

  6. Foo foo cuddly poops says:

    I’m curious how scientists and stuff are able to decipher these languages

    • DiamondR11 Blue says:

      Foo foo cuddly poops I’m not correcting that one lol

    • Soxnanhn says:

      Foo foo cuddly poops yeah I hear that. Also… GIANT MUSHROOM! MUSHY GIANT FRIEND! (Sorry I had to)

    • Foo foo cuddly poops says:


    • Abandoned Loner says:

      They backtrack them. Analize every bit of modern language from that region or that family, then go few steps back, recreating it until they get it right. It’s way easier for languages that use alphabets and syllabaries, there you can track letter/word repetition and decipher it like a code, but languages that use pictograms are sometimes lost to the ages. We thought Ancient Egyptian is beyond reconstruction until we found Rosetta Stone. We still don’t know exact pronounciation of their words, reason being – they didn’t bother to spell down vowels most of the time.

    • The black goat of the woods says:

      They most likely cant because they lack the keys to unlock it.

  7. sketch quinn says:

    Love your videos Matt!
    My mom even likes you ๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. darkwolf149 minecraft says:


  9. peter middelkoop says:

    This is awesome! You know the old saying “People don’t know what they want till you show them”? This is one of those cases.

    • JorAn Cookie says:

      peter middelkoop i study linguistics and prefer indoeuropeic linguistic which i have as a subject so i really wanted this video hahaha

  10. Prodigy Enigma says:

    Matthew: Any ideas for what I should say at the start of my video? *SMASHES KEYBOARD*

  11. Joshua Amberson says:

    Always love the educational content you are providing us with. I hope you are keeping well.

  12. lavender ghosts says:

    Ancient Greek is actually still taught in secondary school and high school in greece, it’s considered to be important in understanding modern greek and we’re actually taught plays and historic texts in ancient greek. Ancient Greek is extremely difficult even for us pls save me

    • jojobilly777 says:

      lavender ghosts Even in France.
      I studied ancient Greek and Latin in secondary.
      Very good to understand etymology.
      Because most French comes from Latin and Greek.

  13. Jhe XII says:

    Im a Filipino, we have an ancient language and Writings, That no one can read it today, its called Baybayin! or the other called Alibata… Were invade and slaves! by Spanish! For 333 years!. Im not pretty sure if thats the Cause? but well i guess! because, our Alphabet we use Today is Spanish! .

    • JorAn Cookie says:

      The language probably went extinct because of the spanish influences which outweighed the indigenous rights

    • ร‘รฎggฤ รœ Gรฆลท says:

      That basically happened to most of South America lol
      Notice how most of South America speak either Spanish, Portuguese or English? Spanish being the majority

    • Son Goku says:

      Alibata had a quite cool alphabet character style, filipino should continue using it.

    • Rois Mac Connmhaigh says:

      Jerrume Pagaduan more than likely. Spain made people they conquered learn Spanish.


      Correction, its actually the latin alphabet. The spanish never actually developed their own alphabet and borrowed theirs from the Romans. Just saying

  14. Austin McKenna says:

    the language he spoke at the beginning is the nearly extinct language Baldoan of the ancient land of Baldonia

  15. tiffany benefield says:

    I ALWAYS loved Greek & Roman mythology when I was in high school.

  16. Solid Gamer says:

    I’m glad someone found them again. You know those languages like to run off time to time.

  17. UB3RFR3NZY says:

    Hittites, “High tights”… smh

  18. The Little Wanderer says:

    Its pronounced runes (roons), not ruins (roo-wins.) :p

  19. Kaiser Wilhelm says:

    Another video of Quick Mathsew.

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