10 BEST Moments From 2018 Golden Globes

10 BEST Moments From 2018 Golden Globes

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It was a night in solidarity of women around the world joining forces and making their voices heard during the 2018 Golden Globes, so let’s keep the fierce female energy going with all of tonight’s most star-studded moments.

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79 Responses

  1. IIKHALAII says:

    Jennifer and Angelina were in the same room omg.

  2. Ana Gonzalez says:

    What about Corey Feldman? Why is nobody supporting him? It’s like they want to sweep him under the rug again. Poor Corey

    • Ana Gonzalez says:

      whip master The false Jews are perverted, the real Jews are good people and the majority died in the holocaust let’s not forget.

    • Brad Lafrance says:

      i don’t know what fucking alternate reality y’all are living in, but nobody believes ANY victim of sexual assault. nobody gives a shit about women who are raped, just like they don’t give a shit about men who are raped. y’all really need to stop with this “if a woman screams sexual assault THEY’RE BELIEVED but MEN AREN’T!” boohoo bullshit because its false, and it makes you look like imbeciles.

    • Ana Gonzalez says:

      Brad Lafrance The kel is right, well when they accuse Trump of harassment everyone believes and there is even no evidence.

    • whip master says:

      Charlie has AIDS and I hope he dies.

    • Kelly Davis says:

      Ana Gonzalez I agree. Are people forgetting that there are also males and children who are victims of abuse, not just women?

  3. swevicki says:

    Oprah killed it with her speach!!! Natalie Portman’s remark was like the cherry on top! Queens!

    • Hagal wolf says:

      OPRAH a fame whore of the worst possible kind.
      You buy this fakery a D grade actor.

    • Bryan Martinez says:

      Sunce Mostar Maybe you had boring speeches.

    • Bryan Martinez says:

      Hagal wolf Kys

    • Jacke28 says:

      i feel really bad for the directors, it was a little uncalled for to to put a shadow on their achievements and work. While i agree that there the directors of detroit and Lady Bug deserved a nomination, the problem doesn’t stem from this but the fact that there are not many female directors in hollywood.

    • Cory Powell says:

      I’m sorry but if no women are directing quality movies. You women really want a nominee out of pitty!? Direct some better damn movies and that won’t be a problem. Like why does there have to be a sex discrepancy? Why can’t there just be directors and why color discrepancy everyone loves the victim role and any free handouts they can get from… sad world we live in

  4. Alexia Hayward-Lemelin says:

    I missed it noooooooo

  5. Natalya says:

    Praising Natalie for having “cojones” defeats the entire equality issue.

    • skorpia g says:


    • breadstal says:

      @Danie Carter, no she didn’t. Lady Bird won Best Picture- Comedy, Gerwig was not nominated for Best Director, she deserved to be imo.

      I do agree that remarks like that are not needed, the all-black code was ok, I guess but I’m so done with some of these celebrities speaking out/ caring only at glamorous events like Golden Globes.

    • Brad Lafrance says:

      natalie portman supports roman polanski, a director who was charged twice on two different occasions for raping a 14 year old and a 16 year old. it’s just more hollywood fakeness.

    • Emiliano Herrera says:

      Natalya Habría que tener mas cojones para admitir que este año no hubo películas dirigidas por mujeres que merecieran ser nominadas a mejor película, eso si seria tener cojones.

    • Stari Leming says:

      Men are not guilty because there is no good female directors. There is few avarage female directors and that’s all… Not geniuses like Kubrick, Kurosawa, Leone, Eastwooda etc.

  6. Stannis Baratheon says:

    Oprah’s speech was timely and brilliant, but everyone else felt like they were just virtue signalling and trying to stand out as virtuous.

    • Dulyn Thompson says:

      Oprah did not right it herself, writers done it and she delivered it, to fuel this movement, I mean it is hollywood after all.

    • RyanPerfect says:

      she’s further diving America, while making it seem she’s trying to bring everyone together in positive way. She’s NOT trying to bring everyone together!

    • Dulyn Thompson says:

      Yeah she just saying women are gonna rule and this is the year of women, why cant it be the year of equality?

    • Razatiger Ault says:

      new flash, even presidents dont write their own speeches. But somehow hers moved me more than all of Donalds “speeches” combined.

    • MochiPasta56 says:

      You obviously didn’t listen to her whole speech or else you would have known that she went up there and gave that beautiful speech to encourage little girls/young women to speak out against the injustices of powerful men abusing their power to sexual assault, rape, or do anything they want with women. Go watch the speech again and pay attention this time, if you’re lucky maybe you’ll learn something.

      p.s. So what if she’s “dividing” America (and she’s not btw), it’s not like she’s the president, the responsibility of uniting the country should be held only to him (not him/her, because we’ve never had a female prez) and a bunch of people always act like they don’t care about celebrities or what they say sooo… why would you care now?

  7. David Leal says:

    So POWERFUL!! Love the message of feminine power and empowerment!! 💗

    • Fiha Rani says:

      Ken Ken It’s worse in the developing world, the sexism, which is why public movements like these are so important because they’re watched worldwide in patriarchal societies where men don’t face any of these issues that men in the first world might be disadvantaged from (custody issues, poor mental health support etc.).

    • Ken Ken says:

      Fiha Rani ok you know then. i applaud you. i agree with you. nothing wrong with empowering women at all. i just wanna get to place where we are all truly equal. but the left agenda is using identity politics too much so i guess on my part i thought you hated men. but in my defense there is too much of what we both are talking about. goodluck to you fiha.

    • David Leal says:

      riverw007 I don’t prey on women I like guys! 😂

    • David Leal says:

      ActuallyItsAshton thank you so much! 💕 I’m surprised this got a lot of hate but their comments makes me laugh! 😉

    • David Leal says:

      Fiha Rani thanks so much! I guess people feel like this is a safe space to voice their sexist opinions! I’m laughing at some of these comments! Love how powerful your words are! 💕

  8. whip master says:

    Another award show where Jews pat each other on the back singing How Great Thou Are.

  9. Esma B says:

    Drew is the best host clevver ever had the chance to have, just had to say it

  10. Darkone1984 says:

    The most cringey show I have ever seen

    • ViciousGamer787 says:


    • Exploration Ⓥ says:

      Full of actors trying to not tarnish their image, going with the grain and acting like they care. It’s all so fake.

    • Views From the Lean Cup says:

      *C R I N G E Y*

    • Thom Florio says:

      Thank you, all! I thought I was the only one who felt that way, especially when hearing how wonderful Oprah Winfrey was. I saw and heard that same speech and it was as bad as Meryl Streep’s last year or any other celebrity who used the awards show podium or red carpet to promote a cause or chastise a wrong.

    • Ken Ken says:

      Darkone1984 it was more like the social justice awards. i hope californian tax payers dont pay for this event. they just hand out awards for pay raise and who ever is doing more political things. no entertainment left in hollywood. cali is truly sinking

  11. Mikki Davis says:

    #TimesUp ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. Sarah Aidouni says:

    Strangers things, the geratst showman and 13 reasons why should have won. What the hell happened this year with the nominations and the winners ? It’s a joke !

    • Random Potato says:

      Sarah Aidouni all of the winners deserved it, if you watched all the amazing movies and tv shows you’d know that 13rw, ST, and TGS had no chance of winning

    • miragexl007 says:

      YOur kidding right. It wasn’t an Award show…..it was a statement. I’ll go back to watching the fairy tale world of the movies to escape Real life, once and awhile. Ya, that’s what it should be about. Not the “elite” preaching to the masses in America, as if they are like one of us. They are the ones that support the Popular Vote…because they and millions reside in California and NY not one of the “Fly Over” states. lol.

    • Mike Maratta says:

      Sarah Aidouni i agree, stranger things got snubbed

    • Colin Armstrong says:

      Just because your favorite and most overrated shows and movies didn’t win doesn’t mean it’s a joke…

    • Twizter TM says:

      E K more people like second season more

  13. SWAGY_PEANUT 0-0 says:

    Hugh should of won 😢

  14. xyourstrulys says:

    *i love bred* -Oprah Winfrey

  15. drummerboi326 says:

    If Natalie wanted a mixed gender director category, maybe females should direct better? Not the guys fault they weren’t nominated.

    • drummerboi326 says:

      Samantha Reed before you post a reply to my comment, you should actually read it. Natalie could’ve said whatever she want. I just said it’s not the nominees fault that women this year didn’t make golden globe worthy movies

    • Samantha N says:

      I 100% agree. It’s not about gender at all. It’s about who were better directors this year. Feminism is supposed to be about making women equal to men, not making women superior to men. If it were all women directors that were nominated nobody would bat an eye….

    • Sohail Jafar says:

      Well the director of Lady Bird should’ve gotten nominated.

    • ShadowFlower says:

      drummerboi326 no she didn’t. But it is a known fact that women have it harder in this industry. So she is not implying that it is unfair that men were nominated because they were simply better but because there are so few women directing movies and even they rarely get nominated even though their movies are good. Just a few examples: Wonder Woman by Petty Jenkins or the beguiled by Sophia Coppola (even though she won at Cannes with that)

    • drummerboi326 says:

      ShadowFlower if you really think that Wonder Woman was a golden globe winning caliber for DIRECTION, you’re opinion is yours, but I disagree if you actually believe that

  16. Candy Van Man says:

    *Angelina over here looking like she’s conjuring a master plan to take over the world.* 😂😂

  17. 3lement2010 says:

    I still don’t agree with Natalie’s comment. Basically took all the attention away from the guy who won the award. Like seriously? It isn’t their fault that all men were nominated. Good message, but not the right moment.

  18. ViciousGamer787 says:

    This was the most cringey dumbass thing I have ever seen

  19. Alexander Garcia says:

    ‘It has nothing to do with gender, it’s about awarding the director who had the most talent.’
    Angelina Jolie, Greta Gerwig, Sofia Coppola, Dee Rees, Patty Jenkins and Kathryn Bigelow. Good call Natalie.

    • Bea Valdez says:

      I was rolling through the comments and everyone was like: “if women have not earned the nomination, then they shouldn’t complain about it, they are not going to be nominated just for being women”. And I was thinking: “yeah, but the thing is that this year there were some freaking amazing women who deserved it”. I thought no one saw eye to eye with me until now. Finally someone says it. BRAVO 👏

    • Jacke28 says:

      while i agree that at least greta deserved it, it was completely uncalled for. i feel really bad for the directors, it was a little uncalled for to to put a shadow on their achievements and work and undermine them. While i agree that there the directors of detroit and Lady Bug deserved a nomination, the problem doesn’t stem from this but the fact that there are not many female directors in hollywood.

  20. MattMatt Speaks says:

    As a straight male feminist, I know most men don’t wanna believe it but 2018 is the year of the WOMAN‼️👏🏾

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