10 BEST Moments From 2018 SAG Awards

10 BEST Moments From 2018 SAG Awards

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First and foremost, our hats go off to Mr. Morgan Freeman also known as the man I hope to narrate my life story one day. He was honored tonight with the Lifetime Achievement Award.
Morgan’s good friend, Rita Moreno presented him with the prestigious award and the display of their friendship was beyond adorable. Morgan was sure to thank her along with his family and friends who flew out to celebrate with him as well as his peers in the room. Then Morgan took a moment to point out the fact that the SAG award statue, known as the Actor has a bit of a bias to it.
You gotta love Morgan Freeman. Another person you can’t help but to love is Sterling K. Brown. He won best male actor in a drama series for his role on This Is Us making history once again becoming the first black man to win in that category.
Sterling also thanked his peers in the room and his beautiful wife who had the sweetest most adorable reaction to his winning streak continuing.
When the camera panned to Ryan’s face while Sterling was giving his speech, she was literally shaking with pride and happiness.
Which brings me to yet another moving moment during the show. Nicole Kidman won her first SAG award tonight for best Female Actor in a television Movie or Limited Series for her work in Big Little Lies. She got choked up noting that winning means so much to her because she has been acting since she was 14 years old.
She went on to thank her co-stars, fellow nominees and female actors who have inspired her and paved the way for her career.
She continued saying – “We’ve proven — and these actresses and so many more have proven — we are potent and powerful and viable. I just beg that the industry stays behind us because our stories are finally being told. It’s only the beginning.”

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    Drew looks to die for! Yep…that’s also a Nicole Kidman reference. Keep it up because you are stunning!

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    Need a tally of all the racist and reverse-racist comments made at SAG

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