10 BIG Games Leaked To Be In Development

10 BIG Games Leaked To Be In Development

Leaks and rumors are common in video games, so we want to have fun and talk about some of the ones surrounding potentially big games.
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God of War 2

Diablo 4

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 or next Killzone



AAA game from Metro Exodus devs

Overwatch 2

AC Vikings
Some fakes circulating in feb – https://www.pcgamer.com/the-leaked-screenshots-of-the-next-assassins-creed-game-are-super-fake/

Harry Potter RPG

Rocksteady’s AAA – Batman Game

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72 Responses

  1. Charlie Milroy says:

    Games currently in development that have not been announced include Yakuza 8 and at least 2 spinoffs

    • Jesse Jacoby says:

      Wait, am I tripping? Because I though the last Yakuza was 6, the song of life

    • Charlie Milroy says:

      @Jesse Jacoby you are right. 7 has been announced to be in development and is probably coming out in December this year in Japan, probably 6 months later in the West. They are making so many games that I assume at least 3 more are at some stage of development

    • Daniel Schuju says:

      They’re making an insane amount of games, just wish they did something differently with the core gameplay from game to game.

    • Charlie Milroy says:

      @Daniel Schuju they are iterating on the gameplay with every entry into the series. I don’t want them to make drastic changes. I’d like them to make the characters that you meet more part of the world by giving them routines so that you would bump into them as you go about the city and not just encounter faceless people. I’d like them to get rid of waypoints by default and get the player to move around more based on local knowledge and by asking people on the street a la Shenmue, have less emphasis on fighting as the mechanic for sub stories (0 was pretty varied), add QTEs into action cutscenes to make them more interactive, allow me to drink cans from vending machines again, let me use a bike to get around, have metro and JR stations to let me travel between cities. I’d also love them to start the game out at a new location and allow me to follow Ichiban’s ascent in the Tojo clan, so a bit more role playing, like collecting debts and other Yakuza activities.
      What would you like them to do differently?

  2. Daniel Alejandro says:

    We need splinter cell and the “original” Prey 2!

    • John Smith says:

      I would honestly prefer a sequel to the new game. The direction their going seems far more interesting then the original prey two in my opinion.

    • DarkSun says:

      Ooh man the first Prey 2 trailer looked so good. Such a shame they dumped it.

  3. neckrofkr says:

    Please let it be a Batman Beyond Rocksteady game, oh video game gods!

  4. Ross Linardi says:

    I’m so hungry for that Harry Potter RPG, man. Been wanting a game like that for so long.

    • lil slav boi says:

      Ross Linardi literally since i was a little kid i was talking about an rpg game set in that world

  5. Alan Bui says:

    What rockstar thinks we want: RDR2 battle royal mode

    What we really want: Bully 2

  6. badboyuk777 says:

    would love to see another batman game, arkham series was brilliant!

    • Isaiah Jackson says:

      I don’t if batman can go on because everybody know his identity but you now what would be cool if we get a different character like knightwing or robin or one of them become batman or teen titans that would be dope

  7. JBennett9571 says:

    I really hope Rockstar make another Midnight Club one day.

  8. David Ludwig says:

    I want a new reboot of Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver. And Dino Crisis 1. Splinter Cell.

  9. blaxicanbruh says:

    Yo I ain’t played a Harry Potter game since the playstation. That’s would be dope

    • Jerome Alday says:

      @Donald Walker nothing with grammar.

    • Donald Walker says:

      Jerome Alday That’s would be dope sounds right to you? ?

    • blaxicanbruh says:

      Damn all over an apostrophe though? Yall know what I meant lol

    • Deathstar 699 says:

      I mean it would be if its enjoyable in some sense.

    • Alec Coe says:

      Yeah i heard chatter about a new harry potter game , then that mobile game wizards unite came out and i was heartbroken , i would love a new harry potter game especially if it had some good depth to it , ive seen reviews for the games after prizoner of azkaban and they look real shitty , but an actually GOOD harry potter rpg would be so awsome , with an in depth magic system , and romance options , and actual wizard on wizard murder ! Have bioware work on it but make sure they dont fuck it up, or maybe cdprojekt red

  10. Chronicle Wolf says:

    I want to see an assassin’s creed in old japan. I don’t know if people have seen fan art of an Assassin’s Creed Feudal Japan. I would love that

    • Supernova Enc. says:

      That would be something else. Love to see that!

    • Deathstar 699 says:

      @Lewis Connor Mainly cause that critically acclaimed franchise hasn’t been good since they ended desmond mile’s story not to mention none of the new games gameplay is awfully much better than the older ones. Like I haven’t actually enjoyed playing AC since Ezio Audutore.

    • P2dalow 420 says:

      @Ibrahim RafiSo no one’s allowed to dream about a franchise they like going somewhere new and interesting? Okay god, I’ll make sure to keep that in mind in the future. Ghosts of Tsushima is made by Sucker Punch lol, their open worlds are terrible so you’re in for some fun.

    • Sotiris Goudentzikis says:

      Me too and I think we will probably see it some day because you know, they’re running out of eras for their games to be placed in, but I don’t think it will be anytime soon because we already had sekiro witch was great and the ghosts thing has already been announced for a while so old japab is a little occupied right niw

    • Kazi Islam says:

      Chronicle Wolf but it would be redundant. The entire Assassin’s Creed aesthetic is essentially ninjas in other cultures and historical times.

  11. eric palmer says:

    So basically 10 game companies are rumored to be making games of some sort?

  12. Lucas Guit says:

    I just want a new bioshock game, I can’t wait any longer. Please 2k release a new bioshock game!

    • A Ames says:

      Kitta well there’s been rumors and it’s always possible

    • BaumHater says:

      Play Prey, it feels a lot like the first Bioshock game. Just a different setting tho, which is sad, since I liked the setting of rapture a lot.

    • joyela aeuvunya says:

      new thief game from warren spector would be even better 🙂
      system shock 3? oh , nearly as good i suppose…
      or new deus ex game, that is actually good because the last two had content drought and boring storylines

    • em1ownerify says:

      Yes!!! But back under water

    • Lewis Connor says:

      “A BioShock Without Levine is IMO impossible” So does BioShock 2 not exist or something?

  13. ClancyPasta HasAHugePingus says:

    After the vikings AC, I hope we get a samurai/ninja AC

    • Mizuku Idoriya says:

      U will get that even before Ac vikings..
      Its ghost of tsushima from sony..
      And we have sekiro too.

    • ClancyPasta HasAHugePingus says:

      @Mizuku Idoriya maybe i should clarify. I want a game where i can explore japan (preferably in the Edo period) with a ninja or samurai that has a hidden blade made by ubisoft.

    • Shedrick Goldsmith says:

      My boy, me and you are on the same freaking page!!

  14. Taylor Hoornaert says:

    I would absolutely love to see a Batman Court of Owls game. It’s one of my favorite comics and playing it would be glorious.

  15. Yoshi M says:

    Overwatch didn`t even have a Singleplayer campaign so what the F would a sequel even add to the game?

    • Sharp Emu says:

      Money to the company

    • DrPinkieDie says:

      @Kitta Activision Blizzard is gonna find a way to fuck it up, trust me

    • Rocket 0731 says:

      A Game like overwatch having a campaign oh this is gonna be interesting

    • P2dalow 420 says:

      So release an entire new game for a few heroes? They should just add single player into the game. The only reason they don’t is greed. Blizzard is an awful company, they ripped people off with StarCraft 2 and they’re hungry to do it again.

    • Kazi Islam says:

      Yoshi M my guess is that they’re gonna rebuild the engine to do things that you can’t with the existing engine

  16. xMorgothx says:

    Rockstar is like an Area 51 no one knowns what they are working on.

  17. Ryan Straub says:

    Where is the new Bioshock at?
    Irrational Games, you are sorely missed.

    • Kitta says:

      Ryan Straub Ken Levine is gone and so is Bioshock. He’s not gonna work on a Bioshock game which means the lead creative director and writer – the creator! – is not gonna be involved with the future of that series. There was a rumour from the kotaku journalist about a Bioshock 4 in the works though but without Levine, I don’t hold my hopes up; that’s how franchises get turned to cashcows.

  18. Dana. says:

    Thank you for not forgetting the Harry Potter RPG. Nearly no one seems to remember it or even talks about it. ?

  19. Mwy B says:

    I think we need a “Batman Beyond” Legit Story based in the future.

  20. nolastname says:

    Dear Rocksteady,
    please no more tank battles and no more Riddler Team Racing.

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