10 CRAZIEST Prison Escapes of All Time!

10 CRAZIEST Prison Escapes of All Time!

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20 Responses

  1. joseph navarro says:

    what the fuck, what about the el chapo escapes????

  2. Ilovejccaylen says:

    How can anyone thumbs down his videos, they’re all amazing 

  3. plz don't read my name says:


  4. Eva Schwaab says:

    You know co attest get so good at copying signatures by drawn the
    signatures upside down with the mirror

  5. TsumeAndZeera4Ever 123 says:

    I couldn’t help be think of Prison Break while watching this!

  6. monkeycaboose says:

    If you had said Hoodini a couple months later it would have been a major

  7. Turtle_TwisT™ says:

    Ayy lmao

  8. KarenCarebear says:

    Dental floss exsuse me?

  9. Hexxes86 says:

    next top 10, 10 Amazing Explorers!

  10. Matthew Capozio says:

    Haven’t you done this list before?

  11. Katelyn-Lapis B. says:

    @Matthew Santoro You make the best videos ever!!!! ?

  12. yoMystic - says:

    6:20 Must be Niko Bellic.

  13. Neutral Human says:

    if I became a criminal Matt I’m with ya. I’d just die my hair, get some
    contacts preferably colored, and move to Canada…..or maybe
    California….who knows???

  14. Fidel Rivera says:

    When you realize el chapos escape wasn’t here

  15. TheFralinBoy says:

    Its kinda disappointing that most of these guys got captured again

  16. Aaron Halboth says:

    Am I the only one who pictured the British officer the same as Newkirk from
    Hogan’s Heros?

  17. Scout Norris says:

    Good job Matthew XD

  18. Daniel Palma says:

    anybody else hear HOO-DINI

  19. mrsupertacoman9 says:

    u didn’t mention that “catch me if you can” with leonardo decaprio is based
    on the guy from number 9 frank abagnale, its a great movie

  20. Patricia Inman says:

    I’ve been watching re-runs of myth-busters lately and I just saw the
    episode where they tried the alcatraz escape. And it worked. While they
    didn’t go in the same direction as the prisoners, they still managed to
    make it shore where they would not have been found.