10 Crazy Useful Gameplay Secrets in Elden Ring

10 Crazy Useful Gameplay Secrets in Elden Ring

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00:00 Crystal Darts control golems
00:58 Night Sorceries don’t trigger dodges
02:00 Crouch attacks can be OP
03:17 Weapon Feints are a thing
04:29 Certain spells can be chain-casted
05:49 Mimic Tear can become a tank
07:15 Armor Alteration changes a lot
09:09 You can destroy the chariots
11:58 Weather affects damage
12:44 Use all buff types to become stronger

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46 Responses

  1. Konrad Durz says:

    ProTip for the Chariots – Use the Ash of War named “Raptor of the Mists”. Its basically an on-demand iframe and its such a massive quality of life upgrade for those catacombs.

  2. 옹발이 ONGBAL says:

    That chain casting looks very useful. Thanks for the tip Vaati 👍

    • Kazuma says:

      Sir you’re already OP

    • Big Boy says:

      The master himself !!!!

    • Valentin Wogg says:

      Its an Exploit please dont use it in pvp

    • WR says:

      @Remington I use it with Theo’s breath, Dragonclaw and the overhead lightning. They work really well together and the dragon moves come out really quick.

    • Matt Piroddi says:

      kinda knew about this cause some spells are clearly meant to be chained into combos, just didnt’ know that so many could be cancelled into. Blackflame blade specifically says in its description that it can be used in the middle of combos, and since it lasts only a few seconds this is really the only way to use it.

  3. Xavier says:

    Caveat to Night Sorceries being weaker: The Staff of Loss’s Night Sorcery bonus is huge AND stacks with itself so NG+ dual wielding two Staff of Loss makes Night Shard/Comet ridiculously efficient.

    • Omar says:

      You can also have staff of loss on your off hand and receive the bonus while using your other staff in the other hand, right?

  4. Rhystic Studies says:

    your vids are so calming and informative. thanks so much – they’re adding a ton to my game experience.

    • Matthew Lambert says:

      This is high praise from the loveliest voice of another community. I love it when creators from different communities pop up like this, i love your work for many of the same reasons i love vaati’s.

    • Monk Killedababy says:

      His voice is one of the best voices I’ve ever heard on YouTube. Guy should be a voice actor.

  5. MidnightChampion says:

    – Bolt of Gransax’s special attack, Ancient Lightning Spear, is also too fast to be dodged by Malenia.

    – Black Flame attacks deal % amount of health damage, so they will stay relevant for later NG+ cycles. However, it’s still fire damage so enemies who are resistant to it, like Mohg, can be a challenge still. Have a backup.

    – Having high enough poise (close to or 100) means you can walk normally in rot puddles that force slow walk, like the one near the Drainage Chanel grace in Haligtree. Now, this could actually require some confirmation from someone, but my 100 poise heavy character walks normally there.

    – 60 poise is the breakpoint where you can tank through some of Malenia’s attacks and not get staggered

    • Newcherp says:

      Flame of the Fell God also works in phase 1. She input dodges the cast but not the actual flame orb, in phase 1 she walks around a lot and it knocks her down so it’s pretty useful. In phase 2 she is too agressive for it to be reliable.

    • Pierre-Alexis Outters says:

      I think when you finish the game you can walk in the puddles but I am not sure about that either

    • Charlieandp says:

      Gravity rock throw stuff has tracking that input reading cant dodge

    • MR Wiffy says:

      did malenia on my first try due to that bolt of gransax never been as happy in my life

    • TheLochlann says:

      Black Knife % damage on the WA is holy and so can be used against Mohg instead

  6. QWAZMAN says:

    Caveat to Night Sorceries being weaker: The Staff of Loss’s Night Sorcery bonus is huge AND stacks with itself so NG+ dual wielding two Staff of Loss makes Night Shard/Comet ridiculously efficient.

    • Hekk says:

      @Lord of Dumb Sellia, Town of Sorcery: Found on a corpse leaning over a building’s balcony in the west. Accessible by jumping across the rooftops.

    • Lord of Dumb says:

      Staff of loss?

    • Hekk says:

      Staff of Loss is a 30% damage buff to Night Sorcery, and yes, they do stack – dual-wielding those staves makes night sorceries the strongest “non-cheesy” spells in the game

    • Balrog FireShadow says:


    • MikeS says:

      @Veeti Mäyrä Chrightt is probably the best theocrafter for ER. Everyone who does PvP should follow him and watch his vids.

  7. Carl И says:

    A note on the weather “affecting spell damage” – it actually affects spell resistance. So rain doesn’t make lightning spells stronger and fire spells weaker; it makes lightning resistance weaker, and fire resistance stronger. Also this happens to your character too, so you will be weaker to lightning spells while in the rain, and stronger to fire. Rolling in water does the same.

    • Jake Whittle says:

      @JustinL614 It does not, no. In general reducing resistances by an equal amount will lead to more damage in most cases, but some enemies with absurdly high resistances in the first place will barely give a damage increase.

    • JustinL614 says:

      @Khorogh Leikr I’m not sure I understand. So + 10% resistance does not equal a + 10% buff?

    • Khorogh Leikr says:

      @Mythodyn Yeah there is. Reducing resistance by 10% results in more damage taken, compared to if you were to buff the damage dealt by 10%. As an example:

      600 damage + 10% for a total of 660 damage – 50% resistance means a total of 330 damage dealt.
      600 damage against 40% resistance however ends up with a total of 360 damage dealt. It’s a very minor difference, but still, a difference it is.

    • TheKripox says:

      Clarifying further, it has nothing to do with spells, it is all fire and lightning damage regardless of source, including ashes of war and elemental weapon infusions, thrown pots, perfumes and what have you.

      There are 2 separate and stackable ways to get the effect, standing in water and being wet. You are wet if it is raining, or if you use a dodge roll in water or some kind of attack or effect douses you in it. So, if it is raining OR you stand in water, fire damage goes down and lightning goes up. If you are both standing in water AND it is raining, you get even weaker fire/even stronger lightning. And if it is not raining, but you roll in water and then walk out of the water afterwards, you will still get the fire nerf and lightning buff for as long as you are wet, even after getting back onto dry land.

      Basically, if there’s any water of any kind near you it is best to assume that the effect applies. You can also check your status screen to see how much these resitances change.

    • Mythodyn says:

      Is there a difference?

  8. Bamith says:

    The spell combos idea make me want the ability to bake spells even more, just so you don’t have to quickly cycle through them. Ash of War that lets you bake a currently selected spell onto one of the other buttons would be real nice.

    • Buick Debaron says:

      @Johnny Blade I don’t get why they don’t have something like this already lol. You could even have it so holding L2 makes it so the triggers, face buttons and dpad directions all map to a different spell, thereby giving you access to any of your 12 spells with the same number of button presses

    • Nick Kavanagh says:

      @Johnny Blade Ugh that would be amazing. When it was announced Elden Ring would have a hotbar/pouch menu for frequently used items, I was convinced they were going to go the Fable 1 route and have the system you describe.

    • Johnny Blade says:

      Some sort of caster stance where the weapon crossbar gets replaced with 4 selected spells (like the pouch menu) would be great

  9. Guilherme Theodoro says:

    Just to add some value: night sorceries are stronger than their counterparts while dual wielding two Staff of Loss (does lose to main hand Lusat offhand Loss, but has no increase in FP)

  10. TiredOwl83 says:

    The rapier feint is also available on heavy thrusting swords like the dragon kings cragblade

    • Deadmanwalking says:

      You can also follow the feint attack up with a light attack for somewhat of a lunge forward. It’s pretty useful for reclosing the distance if the first attack didn’t land.

    • Chris says:

      I love that Cragblade, simply because I love the moveset, melee attacks do lightning damage, and the ash of war is just too fun. Definitely not a weapon I use practically for anything, but just messing around is so fun

    • Sebastian K says:

      @Mustard that’s why you pair it up with epee with seppuku: jump attack opening makes majority of enemies staggered and about to bleed.

    • Jordan Shumaker says:

      I’ve been using a great epee my entire playthrough and did not know this thank you.

    • Mustard says:

      @Templar Kid I used it for my first 2 play throughs, it’s weak in pve until you get another in ng+ then you melt everything

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