$10 Date VS $10,000 Date… **romantic**

$10 Date VS $10,000 Date… **romantic**

If you want to take your date out and only spend $10, I show you a cool & easy romantic way to do it! Also, we went on our very own $10,000 date and it was CRAZY!!
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If you read this far down the description I love you

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49 Responses

  1. pollution claps says:

    FaZe Rug: eating at a 10,000 restaurant
    Me: eating 1 dollar menu jack and the box

  2. Drew Syracusa says:

    Mama rug: HEY
    Me: *literally dying of laughter while my family is sleeping*

  3. itzurboy josh says:

    Rug – “some people don’t have access to a laptop”
    Also rug -“ charge your golf carts guys”

  4. Lil_Beast _ says:

    Kaelyn no bout that rich life. That’s the girls the world should have

  5. Eclectic says:

    When momma rug said “hey”, you knew they were in trouble 😂

  6. Miguel Galvez says:

    Rug: Some people might not even have access to a laptop..
    Me: I don’t even have access to a golf cart..

  7. John Cena says:

    Rug looks like he’s going to prom

  8. Life Of N & C says:

    Brian and Kaelyne needs to act more like a couple now.😭 Like say “babe, hold hands, kiss, etc”.

  9. Sebastian Rokicki says:

    Rug wears a suit to dinner, his brother wears a hoodie and shorts

  10. Adri R says:

    He deleted the photo where he asks kaelyn to be his girlfriend plus why would he bring his family to “their” date 🤔

    • KusshLover323 says:

      The $ 10000 is the total for 5 persons. Or else the title would have to be ” $10 vs $4000 “

    • Jotaro says:

      Why do you refer to Noah as Camera man

    • altin ahmeti says:

      he deleted the video too i think they re not dating a boyfriend and girlfriend act different not like that they never talk to eachothet like bf and gf i dont know what is happening

  11. Michel Arriaga says:

    Brian acts like every one has a golf cart.
    Brian: dont forget to charge your golf cart

  12. Jay Lapid says:

    They aren’t very affectionate for being a couple especially when they knew each other for a long ass time and have been in a relationship in the past

    • Angelina Franco says:

      he probably got so used to being friends with her for such a long time… so it may take time to adjust

    • Renegade says:

      Or maybe like most couples would be, are more awkward when on camera and being watched by a cameraman? Whether you’re a content creator or not, your relationships are more affectionate when you’re alone.

  13. Royal Mind says:

    You’d guys could be pretty awkward especially rug to his girl but he’ll learn how to act normal soon or later

  14. Adel Fawzy says:

    I’m not used to him saying “hey babe ”
    I’m still not used for him wearing a suit

  15. H20 Assasin says:

    Why didn’t you just do the date with the 2 of you kinda took away from being with just your girl!!!

    • Harley Lover says:

      Min of 4 but its not $10k so idk where he got that info at.. it was $99 to reserve the bubble plus $109 each dinner plate plus you pay your own drinks.. heck even with Anthonys alcohol addiction I cant see that costing $10k🤷🏻‍♀️

    • TheChrisBGamer says:

      @Harley Lover Limo too maybe? Or the suit?

    • morgan ann says:

      Harley Lover he also bought her that ring, and the limo and the food

    • Harley Lover says:

      morgan ann the $109 each is the food, so thats $500 for all five of them plus the hundred buck for having the bubble to themselves and drinks are additional so id say $1k so even with suit and limo AND Cartier rings if they cost what mine did for the pinky sized set like I heard him say (when buying uppriced brands like Cartier pinky rings are way cheaper than regular ring sizes) id guess LESS THAN $3k for those so perhaps five grand TOPS. Anyways, its still a cool date I was just curious how the heck he made that affordable Liberty Station event cost so much for a reasonably priced event🤷🏻‍♀️ I looked into it back in December bcuz I wanted to reserve a “bubble” for my husband and I for Valentines day but they werent having it on Valentines (which is crazy bcuz they would have made a bunch more $ if they did)
      ALSO WHEN I SIGNED UP FOR A RESERVATION HOST TO GET AHOLD OF ME TO PICK A DATE AND TIME (since they have 3 dinners in each bubble each night – they rush you outta there so they can get more people TRIPLE THE PRICE ACTUALLY .. LOL) but anyways they emailed me a 50% off so that makes it even cheaper. But yea like you said the suit n stuff.. he must have added a good $5k to get himself a suit. Idk about anyone you guys have dated but my husband has never claimed the price of his clothes towards date night, that would be like me saying Ive gotta add up my dress, dress shoes , purse, jewelry and anythting else I bought to look good for dinner as part of the date.. nope! lol CAN YOU IMAGINE A GUY ASKS TO TREAT YOU OUT ON A DATE BUT THEN YOU SAY OH CRAP THIS DATES GONNA COST ME BCUZ OF WHAT IMA BUY TO WEAR, AS IF I AINT EVER GONNA WEAR THAT STUFF AGAIN AND ITS JUST FOR THAT DATE NIGHT. Haha

  16. Vydez says:

    who else cringed when he said “babe” 😂

  17. hailey ezell says:

    I love how kaelyn doesn’t care about what they do or how much they spend she cares about him and just being with him. She’s amazing and they are so cute and sweet much love. 💙

  18. Diksha Bhujel says:

    In the title:
    Other people-
    **went wrong**

    Faze rug-

  19. Karishma Sharma says:

    They don’t look in love and seem uncomfortable with each other.

  20. Takeoff 824 says:


    Flight: Look at Curry sauce man

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