In this Top 10, I present to you a list of people who died and CAME BACK TO LIFE…one of which did it TWICE! Science can’t explain it!
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Written/Edited by: Matthew Santoro, Jim Vaylin, Brock Sumner



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20 Responses

  1. ashley mickey says:

    Did you “borrow” this fact list too?

  2. Blaze Scythe says:

    Ugh seeing all this hate it’s rather boring and childish. Don’t get me
    wrong I’m atheist but what is the point in arguing about this? If it
    happened it happened we have no way of actually knowing.

  3. Noshia Zaman says:

    what religion doesn’t believe jesus was alive? iam a muslim and we believe
    he was alive.

  4. 31webseries says:

    Wow, if Jesus turns out not to be the son of God, can you imagine 2000
    years of a worldwide religion based on an occurrence that apparently
    happens all the time just because some Roman soldier couldn’t take a

  5. tritan74 says:

    Candy ass Canuck

  6. JC92JC says:

    why use that picture of jesus though lol. jesus was not a white man…

  7. Steven Rachel says:

    What would Matthew look like…WITHOUT his beard??

  8. Gerardo Rodríguez says:

    you forgot angry grandpa

  9. Certainlynotmlg Certainlyaskrub says:

    god no longer makes miracles especially not since people are not really
    following his rules. homosexuals. alcoholics. this worlds gone

  10. LinkLua says:

    1 like=Your crush becomes your gf/bf
    Subscribe=You will be in the bed with your crush ?

    Ignore=You will be haunted by a demon for eternity

  11. thekingchrissyg says:

    when is he gonna do a pt 2 of him crying??

  12. Kat Pie says:

    Evolution is Real. No regrets.

  13. Noah Pena says:

    Fucking cornball

  14. every thing kid 101 says:

    don’t they take out there organs

  15. sean stevenson says:


  16. Simz Murth says:

    Jesus existence are heresy.Heresy aren’t facts. Else, You have to include
    some Hindu gods as well.

  17. Yussuf Ibrahim says:

    am i the only one who likes the accent he soes in the beggining of the

  18. Matt Musky says:

    What did these people have to say about being dead? Were they good people?

  19. Unknownety says:

    The thing here is that death is defined differently in different nations,
    for an example: one is considered dead in the USA if one’s hart stops,
    while in for an example Sweden, one is considered dead if one’s brain
    doesn’t show any sign of activity, and never does so again, so if one wake
    up again, then one were never considered dead by Sweden.

  20. Tatiana Grace says:

    Did you enjoy the peanut butter that Markiplier gave you?