10 DISTURBING Collections People Actually Have!

10 DISTURBING Collections People Actually Have!

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20 Responses

  1. Mark Gonzalez says:

    also follow my youtube channel its legacygamer75

  2. Derp master says:

    Does anyone else feel like some you tubers just watch each other and use
    each other’s ideas

  3. JLeary45acp says:

    IN comparison…tank collection…not that weird.

  4. Enigmatic Man says:

    Looking for Hybrid Librarian’s comment

  5. Sam Huxley says:

    Darleck Matthew. its pronounced Darleck…

  6. Toma M says:

    I do mount collecting in wow…

  7. Boom Dog says:

    Also the 2nd isn’t disturbing it’s amazing

  8. A. Wing says:

    3:09 Freaking made my bloody day.

  9. Ghost says:

    OMG I live in Doncaster!! xD

  10. Kendra Winnett says:


  11. Treqz says:

    Matthew Santoro

  12. Toma M says:

    Hmm…wonder why the #9 guy is a former teacher.

  13. Mason Davis says:

    During the house to house combat in the Battle of Berlin, plenty of Soviet
    soldiers made necklaces out German testicles. That’s a disturbing
    collection if there ever was one

  14. Isaac Lee says:

    This is awesome… Nice going Matt!

  15. Nicholas Frankenberger (The Gaming Explorers) says:

    I have a disturbing colletion of bones that just keeps growing keep in mind
    im 14

  16. LittleScientist2011 says:

    #11 Mathew’s collection of human hair…

  17. Pikachu1006 says:


  18. Jack Waligura (Doge Gamer) says:

    Has a Dalek collection… Doesn’t like the show… YOU WILL BE DELETED

  19. NomNomApple says:

    I collect twelve year old souls, so I will be right back, I need to go to a
    minecraft vid

  20. graveyard says:

    u should do videos about urself