10 Easy Bobby Pin Life Hacks

10 Easy Bobby Pin Life Hacks

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20 Responses

  1. TryHard Ruby says:

    @CrazyRussianHacker Why are you shaking so much?

  2. Bryan Alexis Limsic says:


  3. Vinsu Karma says:

    Russian practical mind

  4. DutchMiniMafia says:

    I like your shirt!????

  5. Ramel Yokhanna says:

    U need to use this life hack called go to English school

  6. Sinister | Knights and Dragons says:

    My device puts subtitles on when I reload the YouTube app, so I have them
    on right now. When he said “Now, next time you going running” the subtitles
    were “next time you go into an onion”….

  7. Nilufar Jahan Khan says:

    He said , ” Toospaste”

  8. Sheikh Fahim Hossain says:

    And also make your bag fart.

  9. TIC says:

    makes a good money clip… Really cheap. Bruh if you need a money clip, you
    dont have to worry about that

  10. Amirul Ikram says:

    i still waiting this thing to use for pick lock just like the movie

  11. ClosedErmine says:

    i think hes the type of guy to have hacks all around inside his house lmao

  12. DariaTF2 says:

    Bobby clip

  13. freddiejess says:

    good job stealing @sootch video he just posted this yesterday

  14. Akbar Herlambang says:

    the idea is same with using paperclip

  15. Rosie Keane says:

    OMG I never realised about the zip one its awesome I can use it lots.

  16. Axium says:

    ‘It can hold lots and lots of papers”
    *Holds 6 pieces*

  17. V2245789 says:

    I wonder how did a hairless guy come across bobby pin…..

  18. Michael Rebelo says:

    Do life hacks and gadgets

  19. TheKodiak72 says:

    Really, Sootch uploads “25 uses for bobby pins” a few days ago and now you
    post this.. jesus dude, is ANYTHING on your channel original?

  20. Luke Woo says:

    Boom Boom Boom~~