10 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know About SCHOOL

10 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know About SCHOOL

top 10 amazing facts you never knew about school
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20 Responses

  1. tera baap kuttau says:

    hi the richest

  2. Stela Popova says:

    DO YOU KNOW WHO INVENTED SCHOOL some guy that lived in France ?

  3. kamilah Paul says:

    Answer my comment richest

  4. oscar alonso says:

    School would be a privilage if the curriculum was not dumbed down for all
    the idiots that should not be attending.

  5. rzrselliott says:

    I only eat the red crayons because the red ones taste the best

  6. yin yan says:

    those people that don’t go to school are lucky they don’t have to do
    homework every week

  7. The Aries Simmer says:

    When I switched schools from Brisbane to Yeppoon it was made so hard for
    me. In Brisbane, I was learning cursive in grade 2. But when I moved up
    north I didn’t start cursive till grade 3…

  8. Nina_ _FTW says:

    going to the largest school would be nice because of all opposite gender
    people there would be so much to chose from

  9. Dylan Nguyen says:

    I always wondered why i needed to learn language arts and observing
    characters in books

  10. Deseree Leafe says:

    4:54 My L.A. Teacher’s name is Mrs. Canterbury lol

  11. BillyGoat says:

    Hi mates hope u have a great day

  12. The Annoying Computer says:

    So THATS why I wake up soaking wet sometimes after dreaming of

  13. Water Wale says:

    The first school I would’ve got lost in it

  14. Girltalk43076 says:

    My town has a population of 997

  15. Koizumi says:

    When I switched schools my school was behind and the other was way ahead so
    I still can’t fully do times tables, read time, or do cursive that
    good….but to be honest I’m still getting through…barely

  16. Sarah Darabadey says:

    Who just took their interems

  17. Apple says:

    Did i miss the purple Crayon fact?

  18. DaniCraft says:

    I know on thing about school….

    it’s HELL

  19. supersquid716 says:

    I’m screaming Luther fuck the world because I never gave a fuck just change
    fuck to school

  20. FyreCHeetah21 says:



    That’s school ?