10 Everyday Things You’re Doing Wrong!

10 Everyday Things You’re Doing Wrong!

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19 Responses

  1. MsAquamonkey says:

    It may be weird the first time…as most things are. ?

  2. MatthewSantoro says:

    *Sigh. First off, I’ve never heard of the channel many people are
    commenting about that apparently recently did this topic. Secondly, I write
    my scripts and produce my videos A WEEK IN ADVANCE. Third, neither my
    channel, nor this other channel were the first to do this topic, and we
    won’t be the last. There are MANY versions of this topic on YouTube, and
    they all copied each other’s thumbnails. I created a thumbnail I thought
    was unique, this other channel creating a similar thumbnail is a
    coincidence. Nobody copied anyone here, some of you need to chill out.*

  3. Gnome says:

    Who the fuck wants to poop faster? pooping is so fucking good

  4. ferretterrier says:

    Pauses video, adjusts earbuds

  5. x Vherrify x says:

    throw your phone out the window so you dont have to deal with it! #LifeHack

  6. Gracie Croy says:

    If you look closely the video starts at 0:00 no need to thank me

  7. Surge Hakeem says:

    Wont the music be upside down???

  8. Kristen Sarah says:

    Squating is the shit!!! I always leave a stool in the washroom. Once you
    start going this way, you’ll never go back.

  9. Emily Foley says:

    “Don’t go on your phone before bed”

    Laying in bed at 11pm like, ?

  10. Ethical facts says:

    “””Hey random person scrolling down the comments />Have an amazing day
    />From a smaller YouTuberr whose dream is to hit 100 subz ?✌️””””

  11. Stephen Baker says:

    “Don’t use your phone in bed” while I watch this in bed.

  12. ParkourIsAwesome says:

    thats not how you’re supposed to poop. you’re supposed to poop on the
    toilet facing the other way so you have this nice little shelf for your
    comic book and your chocolate milk, and you even got the flusher right

  13. Gamesterz Rhys says:

    wait for the headphone one, won’t the sound be upside down?


  14. GhostSoldierAirsoft says:

    Matthew, can you reply to this comment for no reason?

  15. Dan Chase says:

    Really, i have been sleeping wrongly? Sleeping is so easy i can do it with
    my eyes closed though.

  16. Traumah says:

    disliked and saved humanity because it was 666 ??? i was the 667th
    dislike. Humanity, u can thank me l8r.

  17. Up 'Til Noon says:

    Squatty Potty will love you for this video.
    It is actually the best way to do it. Once you squat, you’ll never…..
    umm.. not squat.

  18. The Sunshine says:

    10 Everyday Things You’re Doing Wrong!
    1 did not learn from others’ mistakes.
    2 do not realize that you are naive.
    3 believe in the lies of the media.
    4 blind eye to all the problems with religion.
    5 you complain than fix your health.
    6 You hate more than love.
    7 You let yourself be brainwashed.
    8 you lie to yourself.
    9 You do not realize you’re stupid.
    10 you’re wasting your life reading this comment : )

  19. DeadLunge says:

    If I had a penny for every time a YouTube video says I poop wrong.

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