10 Games For The Lonely!

10 Games For The Lonely!

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Hola mis amigos! I hope you are all enjoying yourselves on this lovely Friday. If you feel as if you are becoming a bit str crazy, we are too but we got you covered! Today, we are not only unboxing but testing out 10 games for people who are lonely! If you aren’t lonely but know someone who is, be sure to share this video with them in hopes that it brings them some entertainment and laughter as the three make a fool of ourselves, lol. Stay safe and happy binge watching!

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58 Responses

  1. Carol Plant says:

    Matt-“ Then I would say”
    Michael fake laughs

  2. Loveah Bair says:

    Matt looks like the guy on the comercial with the half washed shirt

  3. michelle lock says:

    Does anyone else think Matt looks like a sith lord with his little jacket thing?

    It’s just me


  4. Harris Staniforth says:

    When tanner said “can I have my ball please” my dog felt that 😔

  5. ꧁ I’m an animal lover OK?? ꧂ says:

    19:12 my dumbass tried to combine the words “dope” and “nope”…

  6. Fish Boy says:

    Tanner: playing with himself

    Matthias: awkwardly lets his hands at his sides and watching

  7. M644theawesome says:

    I feel like you built the soccer net thing backwards, will prob still be trash, but still something to take a note of

  8. Emmag McMahon says:

    Scruart definition: The act in witch one does squats in shorts

  9. Bananasaurus Rex says:

    On the flip side has other modes than the “level mode”. You can do the “speed mode” which just times you. My personal best for the speed is 27.7 seconds.

  10. RadManatee570 says:

    Tanner: I know everybody who’s watching this is lonely.
    Me: Of course I’m lonely! Coloradoan’s are being told to stay at home 🙁

    On a side note: Y’all made me happy today!!

  11. Barack Obama says:

    12:36 I was like “that looks fun” but my dumbass forgot I’m colorblind and I’m gonna be extremely confused playing this game

  12. Kibble says:

    “See this volleyball? I have deadly accuracy. My name is Hinata”
    Like, I know he said it weird but, possible Haikyuu reference ?? Lmao

    • Noah Violaguard says:

      When you want to cosplay Haikyuu characters but don’t know how to play volleyball so you want to keep the destruction to just ten feet around you.

    • Kibble says:

      @Noah Violaguard lmaoo yes perfect idea

    • it_wasn't_me says:

      I’m honestly surprised tanner knows what haikyuu is

    • Brady Evan Kinsella says:

      He could have been referring to the naruto Hinata because she uses perfect Acura you to hit chakra points. I’m also guessing this because he has watched lots of Naruto

  13. FAUJI SINGH says:

    This video’s name should be : 10 games to play during quarantine

  14. Abigail Warren says:

    Tanner: go make FrIenDS

    Coronavirus: how about no

    Boris: stay iNsidE

  15. Ashton Duncan says:

    “Family friendly”
    Every innuendo you could put in this is in this lol

  16. Zoey Trent says:

    6:26 Tanner: Those two guys will be me and matt mat- Michael one of those two…



    Matt: What

  17. Isabelle Halvorson says:

    Matt: steps on the ramp
    Also Matt: i was trying to bend it

  18. Shreyas Tripathy says:

    Video Title: Games for the lonely

    *Tests them with 3 people*

  19. The Lynx says:

    “Smaller than I imagined ”
    *that’s what she said*

  20. نور says:

    Am I the only one that thought of “Vingeroo” when Micheal said “Pindaloo”

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