10 Hours of Walking in Paris as a Jew

10 Hours of Walking in Paris as a Jew

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שלחנו את כתב nrg – צביקה קליין, להליכה של עשר שעות ברחובות פאריז עם כיפה…
עשר שעות הליכה בפאריז הניבו תגובות אנטישמיות, קללות, יריקות

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20 Responses

  1. Alexander Bale says:

    Jews flooded these countries with Islamic immigrants and now you whine
    about them being there? Hilarious!

  2. Badreddine lafraoui says:

    don’t lie the last one, said malboro, et cinq euros (five euros), this
    video was réalised only in the citys of arabe and africain so don’t lie for
    the world, and jew please stop craying like a vectims all time

  3. Alex Charteau says:

    So what ??
    10 hours of walking, there are only 1 minute 30 seconds remarks by people.
    If it happens like that, it is that there ‘s a reason .

    If cetains Jews do not want to go for a scapegoat because of a certain
    minority of Jews, they must show their discontent just like us.


    Et alors ??
    Sur 10 heures de marche, il n’y que 1 minute 30 secondes de remarques par
    les gens.
    Si cela se passe comme ça, c’est qu’il y a bien une raison.

    Si cetains Juifs ne veulent pas passer pour bouc émissaire à cause d’une
    certaine minorité de juifs, Ils doivent montrer leur mécontentement tout
    comme nous.


  4. opium25 says:

    this is what happens when you allow rabid 3rd world dogs in to our
    civilized countries

  5. mohammmed bouhafs says:

    +dio rex Dude if you go to Israel as a palestinian you will not survive !
    Just watch a documentary of how Israelians kill the palestinais and u will
    change your oppinion. I don’t say they are all the same

  6. ali lachichi says:

    France are the most racist country in the world because of people like
    him. then the government bring immigrants after they complain

  7. ELLO Mad says:

    Guy looks like a fucking faggot lmfao, no wonder he is getting hated

  8. 2madred4 says:

    Is it very difficult to see that this is just a marketing stunt backed up
    by Israel. Netanyahu has $46 million to encourage Jewish immigration from
    France, Belgium and Ukraine. Obviously Paris like everywhere in the world
    isn´t a perfect place, but doing the math this guy walked for 10 Hours (600
    min) and had just 1:36 min of comments and looks in poor and uneducated
    muslim neighborhoods that gives you a 0,22% chance of being harassed and
    99,78% of not being harassed. C’mon people… That’s ridiculous. Open your

  9. Clara Bowman says:

    I just cant understand why people can’t just accept that there are soooo
    many other religions out there! If you have a religion then fine, but why
    do you have to go around insulting (and murdering) people for theirs?? It
    makes no sense, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it has
    nothing to do with anyone else. If you have a problem with someones
    beliefs, okay, but what is the point in having to do anything about it? I
    highly doubt there will ever be just one religion in the world…so why do
    people have to get so angry over someone believing something different to
    them? I wish people could just keep their noses out of other peoples
    business..rant over.

  10. Megatron says:

    Propaganda video made by the Israel government for the upcoming
    election….just this week Netanyahu, asked the jews in Europe to come back
    to Israel so they would feel much safer and then this video came
    along..coincidence? me thinks not.

  11. MrSamz32 says:

    It’s not really French people who is racist on this video, it’s rather
    Muslim ! Only Black and arabic tha’ts all !
    Get out of France Muslim !

  12. Jean De Tarlet says:

    Your videos is a shame ! In france

  13. David Dou says:

    Maybe the jews shouldn’t have imported so many Muslims into Europe to
    undermine European culture.

  14. Vor lack says:

    Ma pauvre France… tu as accueillis les deux descendants d’Abraham les
    enfants d’Isaac et les enfants d’Ismaël. Et aujourd’hui en ton sein ils ce
    battent.. Ma pauvre France, tu es à l’agonie recroqueviller sur toi même en
    pleurant… Sèche donc tes larmes car il faut que cela s’accomplisse,
    bientôt ma très chère France, tu pourras reposer en paix. 

  15. NomoretalkingItsme says:

    Ahah this fake video X) Sionist are funny

  16. Jason Frost says:

    Heil Hitler! 

  17. joe blo says:

    i like how the jew walks in france saying that the french are the most
    anti-semetic people in europe, but he walked in non french hoods. what do
    they expect.

  18. vins ente says:

    M’étonne qu’il s’est pas pris un autobus avec sa gueule de c on

  19. george pan says:


  20. 73fafou says:

    La honte d’être Français quand tu vois ça… Franchement ces personnes
    (insultantes) devrais aller se cacher et réfléchir, on a tous le droit à la
    liberté de croire en se que l’on veux, c’est juste un chapeau c’est tout,
    ça ne dérange personne, et cet homme, est surement quelqu’un de bon, comme
    énormément d’autres, on se réfère toujours à une minorité déplacé, des
    stéréotypes, des préjugés qui n’ont pas une place dans notre société! Je ne
    suis pas chrétien, pas musulman, pas juif, pas protestant, je suis athée
    (et Français) mais compréhensif, on crois en se que le veux, chacun est
    libre de ses choix. Je veux votre opinion, n’hésitez pas à répondre!!!