10 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test – part 5

10 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test – part 5

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19 Responses

  1. Kristian Plonski says:


  2. Diego Villalonga says:

    Does anyone know where he lives?

  3. iShadowKing says:

    100 likes and everyone gets PIZZA!!!!

  4. Serious Business says:

    Russian Roulette: Every 5th liker’s mom gets slapped.

  5. Isaac Bogard says:

    After years of watching him I still can’t understand what he’s saying in
    the intro.

  6. TheRealDexeN says:

    4 in the morning. watching this russian dude testing some garjicks. what am
    i doing with my life.

  7. Skateboard Nerd says:

    In Crazy Russian Hacker’s old video said that he will make a draw my life
    if he gets 10,000likes. Now he has 11,000.

  8. Ian Corley says:

    0:44 My life in one quote.

  9. Nate says:

    Hey Taras, you say it as “Ga-jet”

  10. Anh Nguyen says:

    What do you do with the food you used in the video

  11. Alpha Macho says:

    why does his hands shake alot ? I’ve noticed sum of his videos his hands
    tremble too much

  12. Dawson Navarro says:

    Can somebody make an edit to that one Black Eye Peas song that goes like
    “Here we go, here we go.Satellite radio. Y’all getting hit with (Boom
    boom)”. And replace the boom boom parts with CrazyRussianHacker’s signature

  13. Meatball Sub says:

    Does he have a wife or roommate? I can hear someone with a Swiffer WetJet
    Mop at 11:50 mopping the floor.

  14. ieda18 says:

    his voice tone is kinda different he looks sad. I hope he is ok…

  15. HeRbY says:

    I’m Italian. Those pizzas looks terrible. Really.

  16. Fr3akymet4l says:

    …why the hell does he even tests kitchen gadgets?

  17. Joe Daniels says:

    why am i sat in bed at half 3 AM watching 10 kitchen gatjects

  18. embrezar says:

    “Pizza scissors?” So, a likely overpriced gadget that is less efficient
    than a standard pizza cutter that can do the exact same task in a fraction
    of the time? What is the possible benefit of these pizza scissors? Notice
    how much he has to touch the pizza in order to cut it, whereas a pizza
    cutter doesn’t require any hands-on contact. Terrible idea, terrible

    Also, that countertop appears to be marble, but it drives me nuts that he’s
    not using a cutting board but just cuts everything straight on the
    countertop. Why risk damaging what was likely a very expensive countertop
    when a 5-dollar cuttingboard could eliminate all risk?

  19. Oh shiet Ya says:

    Woaoaw like butta i mean like hot knife on butta