10 Lies You Were Told About Islam

10 Lies You Were Told About Islam

Is Birmingham a Muslim-only city?
Are there hundreds of terrorist training camps dotted all over America?

The media might say yes, but the truth is no. AllTime10s is here to debunk 10 lies you were told about Islam.

Sources –

10) Muslims Hate The West
Source: Huffington Post

9) Terrorist Training Camp
Source: CBS News

8) No Go Zones
Source: The Guardian

7) Islamic Terrorist World Domination
Europol: http://www.counterfire.org/news/17599-graphic-islamist-terror-accounts-for-only-0-7-of-attacks-in-europe

6) Celebrating 9/11
Source: Washington Post

5) ISIS represents Islam

4) Muslims Support Violence
Source: BBC

3) Only Muslims in Birmingham
Source: The Guardian

2) Muslim Women are oppressed
Source: Britain First

1) Muslims must kill people of other religions
Source: CBS News

Music: Sword of the East by Tim Garland and Asaf Sirkis

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20 Responses

  1. def1ne says:

    Nice apologist video, Alltime10s. Can we get this for other religion’s too?
    Or is Islam the only religion that is above criticism? Also, interesting to
    see Muslims and supporters lashing out with such hatred and anger. Even if
    hatred and anger is shown to you, you lash back out? That’s a pretty crappy
    religion. For your sake, I hope your god approves of your speech. Same goes
    with the rest of organized religions. All cause destruction, confusion,
    hatred. You all think you know the truth of this world. Would be funny if
    the day came and proved all of you are wrong.

  2. Kinēsis says:

    If you’ve never read every interpretation of the Quran, you can’t possibly
    know what true Islam is. I’m largely talking to the spineless, conceited,
    self-righteous left who claim to know what true Islam is.

    P.S. There are many Muslims approving of this video. Didn’t see that

  3. oXStarKillerXo says:

    globalist propaganda

  4. Muhammad Osama says:

    Great video… keep up the good work…..????

  5. Ather Mulla says:


  6. Major Ascalagab Ramyaj says:

    Whoever made this video is unaware of what’s happening in the world and may
    haven’t read the Quran. it really commands muslim to kill the “infidels.”
    anyone who find this hard to believe can read the Quran for themselves.
    thank God, not all muslims obey that book.

  7. Daniel Forfar says:

    This might seem like common sense, but I don’t think it’s fair to
    generalise like this.The Qur’an says quite a few nasty things, as does the
    Bible, but these books were written a long time ago, obviously our way of
    thinking has changed since then, people tend to be more decent. It only
    makes sense that religious people would adapt to the world they currently
    live in, not chanting verses from their holy books and following it to the
    letter, this is why I think religion now is modernised, and not as extreme.
    Atrocities were committed, but casting the blame to over a billion people
    just seems arrogant and short-sighted.Not saying terrible things didn’t
    ever happen and the religion is perfect. You’re going to have your collect
    few who are radical, but it applies to everything, I for example, am
    extreme about tea, but that doesn’t mean I kill coffee drinkers, or make
    them feel bad for drinking coffee, it doesn’t bother me, as it shouldn’t.
    It’s just sad people use religion to justify murder

  8. BlackWolf9988 says:

    THIS COMMENT WILL PROBABLY BE CENSORED!!! its funny how they use the
    numbers in this video to show muslims as being the good guys. this video is
    shitty west propaganda. i live in germany im from a migrant family my self
    i grew up with muslims all around me so dont tell me that im just a racist
    and never had anything to do with muslims. i know muslims that live here
    since 3 generations and still don’t see them self as germans. this fucking
    religion is a piece of shit. they are the biggest jew hating pieces of shit
    i know. there fucking prophet muhammed fucked a 9 year old girl. NR.1 is
    bullshit look at the qur’an they fucking wrote soo many times in the qur’an
    to kill non muslims or convert them. they also fucking love to kill gays
    and ex muslims.

    God casts terror in the hearts of unbelievers; they will reside in hell…3:15

    Allah helps the Muslims to defeat and destroy the unbelievers…3:127

    Allah destroyed the Midyan infidels through an earthquake…7:91

    i can write a lot more things to show you how unhuman and shitty this
    religion this is. btw stop calling people that hate islam “racists” islam
    isn’t a race its a shitty ideology.

  9. Umar Ansari says:

    great job guys….and thanks for telling the truth and breaking certain

  10. Tasneem Jamal says:

    Big respect to you guys for making this video. True enough. In islam we are
    thought to be nice to people no matter the race, skin colour or religion

  11. Hazem Clubiste says:

    nice one bros <3

  12. ozoneic says:

    Dont believe everything you see on tv. Its not the bigger picture

  13. matt shoemaker says:

    no go zones are in america and a man was killed police could not interfere
    becsuse of sharia law in us zone look it up deerpark mich. we trained and
    created alkida. so we have trsined troops. also isis and sharia law are
    one. there are no separate holy meccas built for isis. they pray slong side
    of muslims. along side to same god in same temples. women still get stoned
    and yes they treat them not as equal.
    this was total bullsht. muslims that are not actively against sharia law
    are on the wrong side of us law.

  14. Visionary says:

    In this age of information, ignorance is still the biggest enemy. Thanks
    for the video. Great Job.

  15. hazim abu shaikha says:

    thank you for this video…one of the few that ignores stereotypical views
    on islam and talks about those misconceptions…if you want to judge islam
    …judge it by the Qur’an not by the followers of islam .

  16. boeiggocreeper says:

    according to uk census 2011. in Birmingham lived 22% Muslims.!!! now in
    2016. Its closer to 30%
    YOU assholes are equally lying and hypocritical as you claim the others
    were!! . and the pseudointellectual voice Sucks

  17. tyler davis says:

    Wow biggest bull I’ve ever watched. Dislike?

  18. dann playsmc says:

    i live in birmingham and let me say there are lots and i mean lots of white

  19. richmondlopez13 says:

    i like number 1.

  20. John Smith says:

    David Cameron’s response was gold.