10 million subs elbow reveal

10 million subs elbow reveal

Technodad here.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS!
For everyone else, Happy December 25th!

I’m sorry Alex didn’t get to give you an elbow reveal while he was still alive. But his spirit lives on in you. Thanks to the strength of the fan community, I’m able to bring you this. Hopefully it will start showing up as his most recent video instead of “so long nerds” because frankly that thing is a downer.

Please keep spreading the love and keeping his spirit alive. Be kind to one another.

I’ve dipped my toe into the fan community, and found the welcome to be warm. I’ve got some more things planned for you guys. Stay tuned. Subscribe to Technoblade.

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38 Responses

  1. Qdldude says:

    Thank you Technodad. Technoblade never dies.

  2. kenta124 77357 says:

    he will always be in our hearts Technoblade never dies.

  3. Star fire winter wolf says:

    Thank you Techno’s dad! We will remember him forever!

  4. jeom says:

    I wasn’t sure about this halfway through- but now I can say, this video is exactly what it needed to be. thank you.

  5. вики ней says:

    Thank you… Technoblade never dies

  6. Singing Crow says:

    Only Techno could get people to give him money from beyond the grave. Seriously the live chat was just donations and membership joins.

  7. Wolf says:

    You will be missed techno, Rest In Peace….

  8. Never Mind says:

    I thought I’d never receive a notification from this channel again… This video is not even a minute long and is kind of a “shitpost”, but it makes me so incredibly happy. Thank you. Rest in piece, king, we love you<3

    Also… Technodad, thank you for everything, I (and many others) love and appreciate you so much… I hope you know that:)

    • multihacker 3695 says:

      @Rumana Parvin Typical bot really. Honestly I have no clue why they do this, it dosn’t make people wanna view their channel in the slightest. All it does is make me wanna report it,which is bad for their business of making accounts gain a bunch of easy subs then taking down all of its’ vids and posts so they can sell it.

    • Rumana Parvin says:

      @sieksa VIII typical techno hater

    • lolniz says:

      @sieksa VIII wth-

  9. Amit Ghuli says:

    Technoblade never dies, thanks technodad

  10. Jay Toe Person says:

    We all got bamboozled but still, thank you Technodad

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