10 Mini Games That’ll Cure Your Boredom!

10 Mini Games That’ll Cure Your Boredom!

10 Products You Wouldn’t Believe People Actually Buy! ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bonffyr5U9g
I Bought The First 10 Things Amazon Suggested To Me! ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=p6dJBRPvB-w

In the words of Cardi B, “WHAT’S PAPPN’ EVERYBODY!” Your response, “Not much considering this is my LAST weekend of summer vacation!!” Now, although I might not be able to fix that, what can fix is your boredom and it just so happens that that’s EXACTLY what we’re doing in today’s video! I hope we can add some excited into your weekend before heading back to school. Let us know if you’ve played any of these games before or, which game you think you would be able to beat anyone of us in! I bet you can’t sucka!

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53 Responses

  1. WhitDog WhatsUp says:

    *When they say “NEXT PRODUCT” and it’s the end of the video* …?????. Dope video as always! Much Love Raters?✌?

  2. ArturoAndRyanGaming says:

    Micheal: the launcher is too weak that’s a NOPE! next product

    Tanner: that is the end of the video.

    Viewers: Noooooooooooooo! what”s the next product?

  3. sophia ross says:

    4:36 when he does that he reminds me of petra in season 5 of jane the virgin when she says DO NOT TOUCH MY BODY

  4. _CyBeR_ says:


    It is literally designed like a popcorn holder

  5. Directionally Challenged says:

    dude those water games are LEGIT my childhood!

  6. buck 900 says:

    Just fill the pling pong cups each with a shot of vodka and you have a killer party game 😉

  7. Matt Williams says:

    I gave mini cornhole to my friend but it was with coins so it was called coinhole

  8. I See YOU says:

    When’s tanner going to wear that woody costume?
    We already hit the mark?

  9. Andrew Rudduck says:

    Matt: “it’s like saying OMG my car doesn’t have wings”

    Me:just dump a red bull in ya Tesla gas tank”

    I know Tesla doesn’t have a gas tank..

  10. Amaterasu平和 says:

    Tanner: I’m going to beat you guys

    Michael:tEaM MiChAeL

    Matt:iM YoUr BoSs

    Me:My vote’s On Liz (´-ω-`)

  11. Vêινëτ Rūsh Dæ SHIPPU ÙwÚ says:

    Why need mini games to cure your boredom,when u can just watch dope or nope to cure ur boredom and at da same time have fun

  12. I See YOU says:

    Michael:Next product!
    Tanner: Guys thank you for watching
    I was really hoping for a next one?

  13. Sasquatch_plsSub says:

    Video Idea:
    10 Products Luna Would Love! w/Luna

    Please do it, I know that a *ton* of people want to see it.

  14. Hannah Flewell says:

    Yall should do a 10 weird pregnancy cravings video since Amanda is pregnant haha or 10 products that Luna picks out

  15. JahLéBean says:

    Matt: Next product!
    Tanner: Alright thanks for watching

  16. P D says:

    Not gonna lie, I am LOVING the frequent uploads ?.

    • A.M. R. says:

      P D love watching their videos when I get home from work. Giggle a little bit as I’m chilling out

    • Michael Mccall says:

      Samee I have nothing to do cause I’m in a cabin and they dont have computers or anything, so they pass my time

  17. Sethblack 1230 says:

    “Yeah I’d be pissed too”
    Tanner 2019

  18. Grant k says:

    You guys should bring back reading your comments.

  19. HyperTyler 23 says:

    Next Product
    Me being so hyped,ends video.


  20. sahas parodkar says:

    With the ping pong ball game put dares in every cup and play
    Please make video on it please…….

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