10 Minute Power Hour – Fan Submitted Pictionary

10 Minute Power Hour – Fan Submitted Pictionary

Arin and Dan work through your diabolical Pictionary requests.

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Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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48 Responses

  1. bobbby071 o says:

    I love how I looked at 12 comments and all of them were about Danny not arin

  2. Noctis Lucis Caelum says:

    Dan has the left handed curse too! Finally someone who understands ??‍♂️

    • Sup says:

      Dude, everytime I write with a pen my hand always looks like I killed a smurf with it

    • HOPELESS Buthopedieslast says:

      Living like the only one left handed in my family among my five siblings,these comments make feel so relatable.
      Also every time I draw my hands are so full of colors mum thinks I got them bruised.

    • thik gril says:

      This happens and I’m right handed.

    • Beth Ann says:

      Finally someone? Lol 10% of the world’s population is left handed. Including me, my sister, my uncle and my two best friends. 😉

    • Rehpic Cipher says:

      Same thik grill.

  3. Ezra says:

    Arin Hanson’s Greatest Achievements In His Career:

    1. Getting Dan to fall for Updog
    2. Getting Dan to actually guess Weeaboo Shark

  4. Kim Spencer says:

    I loved this so much lol ? I wish this was its own weekly/monthly thing. Those fan submissions had me in tears ❤️?♥️

  5. Technolocic says:

    Arin: what do i do

  6. Hannah Kelly says:

    “George Washington going absolutely ham on the British”

  7. Virginia Uhi says:

    *Arin draws himself*
    Dan: Arin Hanson, handsome man, thicc
    Arin: No, it’s unfunny *shrugs

  8. Raptors! Everywhere! says:

    “Your mom does horses for a living”
    -Dan Avidan, 2019

  9. CalypsoSteampunX says:

    Anyone remember…
    Arin: IT’S SNOW!
    Dan: Oh, snowboarding?
    Arin: YES! Jesus…

  10. CosmicKitten10 says:

    “Your mom does horses for a living!”
    *_-Dan Avidan_*

  11. [MICRO WAVE] says:

    Dan: *draws anything


  12. Waluigi Blast says:

    8:46 Probably La Croix, or Monster. He obviously could’ve just put La Croix in a Monster can…

    • Lunova says:

      Usually drinking lacroix is followed by extreme projectile vomiting, so I don’t believe it.

    • Waluigi Blast says:

      +Lunova Maybe for you. Don’t you remember that one video where Arin did a La Croix taste test?

  13. varius c. says:

    Ghost and Ganon in one?? Where do I get such a fantastic shirt ?

  14. Rebecca Wenson says:

    It’s okay, Dan. Us lefties know that we’re special.

    Also, I would love it if y’all played more of this.

  15. Umbra Yoshi says:

    “Tree with a hat was brought to us by Earth…”

    I think Gaia is a Grumps fan.

  16. Allison Weatherford says:

    Dog with Human Hands is the MBMBaM crossover I’ve needed my whole life

  17. Zachary Roberts says:


    -Leigh Daniel Avidan, 2019

  18. PhilNousJase says:

    “Game Grumps aren’t funny anymore.”

    So, everyone’s invited to my funeral next week for I have died.

  19. EnglishEyebrows says:

    “Your mom does horses for a living!”

    I need no further context, Dan.

  20. Jon Sudano says:

    Nice Monster energy drink, Arin

    Or should I say


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