10 Most Extreme Religious Groups

10 Most Extreme Religious Groups

From Scientology to The People’s Temple, AllTime10s brings you some of the most extreme religious groups.

Get out now before it’s too late.

What did you think of 10 Most Extreme Religious Groups? Let us know in the comments.

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20 Responses

  1. Alltime10s says:

    Thanks for watching everyone.. :D

  2. Joseph Stalin says:

    Incoming atheists pricks thinking their special.

  3. Abbe Eastman says:

    Why is not Christianity in first place

  4. Dolan says:

    All religion is cancer

  5. Rudy Williams says:

    All muslims.

  6. _Pr0z_ says:

    Religion needs to die. Religion causes war a d hate.

  7. mursie100 says:

    ISIS is as much Islamic as WBC is Christian.

  8. Ivan Malek says:

    Don’t scroll down for your sanity

  9. Umer Ahmad says:

    Saying this before watching! Number 1 is ISIS!

  10. Andy Wilcock says:

    Wait You Forgot Islam.

  11. PK Cloud says:

    What about Atheism? They slander other groups to death!

  12. The Don Darkskin says:

    Oh boy, here come the cancerous atheist comment hating God and claiming
    religion is fake

  13. Dirk Groovy says:

    Do not scroll through the comments, you will regret it 

  14. BHuang92 says:

    Good Good. Let the hate flow through.

  15. Josuah Glise says:

    I’m pretty sur that the American army never used Ak47s

  16. Sarah McCloy says:

    6:55 That’s the South African flag…

  17. Nathan Smith says:

    The Westboro church was at a soldiers funeral in my home town. terrible

  18. DACOW 24 says:

    6.58 it is the flag of South Africa ?

  19. ChinooksV8 says:

    Fuck Islam and Fuck Mohammed piss be upon him

  20. Ismaiel Aden says:

    Wait you forgot Atheism, the religion of self-entitlement.