10 Most Unusual Workout Classes That Actually Exist

10 Most Unusual Workout Classes That Actually Exist

top 10 strange and bizarre fitness exercises you won’t believe exist
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We all know that exercise is one part of living a long and healthy life. Doctors and fitness experts are always telling us that in order to get the most out of life we should mix exercise with a healthy diet. It’s not easy though. That’s why every January gym memberships spike and then are abandoned just weeks later. Exercise is hard and, for most people, it’s boring and too much work. You can’t say there hasn’t been an effort to fix this dilemma over the past decades. Think back to all the news stories and infomercials about the ‘next great’ thing in exercise. A new device to isolate a muscle group. A new set of body movements to melt away the pounds. A whole new routine from some far off land that is ‘proven’ to make you live longer. Yes, there have been countless contraptions and regimens to get us into shape.
While there have been some very good workout routines and plans over the years, there have also been some pretty bizarre ones to come along. Looking to cash in on a ridiculous idea and part you with your money, some ‘specialists’ have come forward with workouts that either make us look like fools or leave us laughing on the floor when we see someone attempting them. You can likely think of a few, but we’ll help you by going over 10 of the most bizarre right now. From bizarre devices, to exercises of dubious value to routines that make us just look dumb, these workouts will leave you wondering why on earth anyone approved them or even thought it was a good idea to try.

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    There is also a great worked out, it’s called ” 69 ” everyone should try

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