10 Movies That Stole Their Sets From Other Films

10 Movies That Stole Their Sets From Other Films

Top 10 Movie Sets That Appear In Every Film!
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Have you ever found yourself watching a new movie when suddenly, you’re hit with a serious case of deja vu? Hollywood recycles movie plots and twists every year, but the places the films are set can be even easier to spot. But really, when you find a perfect set, why waste it on just one movie? Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Movies That Stole Their Sets From Other Films.

Voice Over by: Rob Flis @Rob_Flis

Mr & Mrs Smith | 0:25
Batman | 1:05
Star Trek Into Darkness | 1:33
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider | 2:02
X-Men | 2:29
Speed | 2:54
The Artist | 3:20
The Mask | 3:50
Star Trek | 4:18
Daredevil | 4:55

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20 Responses

  1. Maxx Villar says:

    You indeed forgot the most important and the most iconic! Back to the
    Future and Bruce Almighty! Same Hill Valley

  2. Scott Dustin says:

    that building you mention it was used for tv as in episode of quantum leap

  3. unearthed_rage says:

    The rocks was in bill and Ted bogus journey

  4. codenamegamma says:

    theres also whitesands, nm lots of movies and tv shows film there when they
    want a barren desert or alien planet

  5. aTylerChristianfilm says:

    Django Unchained reused sets from the HBO series Deadwood

  6. Secabre “Amstreaodam” Pheox says:

    There is a red city land mark used a lot in Heroes (not Heroes Reborn
    afaik). In other series and movies you can see it in the background often.
    I’ve no idea what it’s called though.

  7. TheReelCorner says:

    This list could keep going! Bruce Almighty used the Hill Valley set from
    Back to the Future.

  8. William Wertz says:

    Along with the spider man scene was also shared with fantastic four two the
    silver surfer during the wedding scene

  9. Ikhsan Maulana says:

    Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters was also used as Oliver Queen’s
    mansion in “Arrow”

  10. Zuke says:

    Ok, this video was amazing. How in the world did you piece all these

  11. Christian Reynoso says:

    nice vid

  12. Patrick Collins says:

    Looks like you used my suggestion from three weeks ago, where I responded
    to Screen Rant Wants You. How about H/T you mentioned?

  13. applemaggot says:

    The back-lot that The Dukes of Hazzard was shot on is pretty recognizable
    to me, specifically the dirt roads.

  14. Huskie Gaming says:

    In DareDevil in episode 4 I think they mention magical armor aka iron man
    armor and a magical hammer aka Thor’s Hammer.

  15. ThePoptartster says:

    Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House in Los Angeles was used in dozens of
    movies including Blade Runner.

  16. malec moghadam says:

    The school exterior is also the Queen’s mansion in Arrow

  17. Kevin G. says:

    what about that one spot in California (I think) that was in our family
    wedding, bewitched, grilled and rhiannas bbhmm?

  18. Austin Wilson says:

    Been to that mansion before where X Men and Billy Madison was filmed! So
    sweet! I went to school in the city it’s in…Oshawa, or better known to
    locals as the Dirty Shwa.

  19. Sayeed S Alam (Rajin) says:

    Wadi Rum – Jordan

    The Martian, Lawrence of Arabia , Prometheus, Krrish 3

  20. giga unsan says:

    Omocha no Cha Cha Cha < Toy Story Macross < Top Gun Star Tanjo! < American Idol