10 Mythical Heroes that Actually Existed

10 Mythical Heroes that Actually Existed

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61 Responses

  1. Cookies And Cream says:


    Likes owns comment

  2. Shamim Raisani says:


  3. RibottoStudio says:

    How many takes do you do for these intros?
    …..Just…Just wondering. They make me chuckle.

  4. I'm A BANANA says:

    *Matthew Santoro 4 Life*

  5. Gavin says:

    Thor actually exists. Some say he looks like Chris Hemsworth.

  6. Anthony Palijo says:

    i love mythology

  7. Hirwa 10 says:


  8. Branyel Winstead says:

    Ive Been A Fan Of Matts For About 2 years now. He Never Disappoints…..Am I Right?๐Ÿ’ฏโœŒ๐Ÿ˜˜

  9. Gipsy Danger says:

    Could you cover the Top ten worst Nazis?

  10. TonyKage says:

    Mathius Santorus

  11. Samin SaQlain says:

    I Thought Thor, Odin and Loki were real and they were Aliens .

  12. balthiersgirl Callumfrancisseaton2009 says:


  13. Hoosier Hippie says:

    I believe Robin Hood is actually a conglomerate of several outlaws. Loved this one, found it to be informative and love the humour!

  14. Namikostar says:

    Imhotep…….’remembers the movie the mummy’

  15. Justin Y. says:

    Where’s Saitama?

  16. Josie McKee says:

    Loki is real. But he is only taking the look and name of Tom Hiddleston

    • Papa_Smjรถrdeig says:

      Josie McKee nah. Loki is blond

    • Dylan K says:

      What about that crazy Foki though ?

    • Kate Davis says:

      Josie McKee I agree.

    • Josie McKee says:

      Loki is just hiding in plain sight as a normal man

    • Shadowdroid776 says:

      Fun Loki Fact:
      He gave birth to the eight legged horse Sleppnir because he had turned into a mare to lure away a man’s horse so the man can lose a bet he made with the gods (the dude was legit gonna win too, but Freya very much didn’t want him to).

      He also promised to give his head up as a reward to Brokk in another contest, and Brokk won. He didn’t get his head though, he just sewed his mouth shut.

  17. Leisa Irwin says:

    Hopefully people in the future will know and understand, Matthew Santoro was not a myth!
    Golden fleece? What is that? Pissy wool? or something “supernatural”? Whatever, it’s still a myth, in my book.

  18. Alan W. says:

    “Ah, sounds like a normal day in L.A.” ๐Ÿ˜‚

  19. Dan Geiger says:

    Santa Claus was definitely a real person who gave gifts to children on Christmas.

  20. Annemarie Staudenmann says:

    What about Macbeth? Wasn’t he a real king in Scotland?

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