10 Products That’ll RUIN Your Summer!

10 Products That’ll RUIN Your Summer!

More Than You Know by RØZE ➡ http://fanlink.to/ROZEknows

10 Products That’ll Turn CAMPING Into GLAMPING! ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2A8vdH-C108&t=447s
10 Products That’ll Take Your Summer to the Next Level! ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhhzTMpuLjI

Hello friends! Boy oh boy do we have a video for you guys today! Now, I know what you’re thinking…”Michael, why would we want summer to end?!?! That would mean we have to go back to school!” Welp, the truth is, if some of these products were part of your summer you might wish you were back in school! However, RØZE from Chill Records is here to help us rate these products DOPE or NOPE in honor of her new single that she released today! It’s titled, ‘More Than You Know’ and will make you wish summer could last FOREVER! It’s available on all music streaming platforms. Click the link up above for more details!

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25 Responses

  1. Charlie Ruhl says:

    I love that they already said assault rifle and then they say toy shooter

  2. Akash_humorously_yours says:

    That bubble shooter kid was shinchan from crayon shinchan anime. #open cheek

  3. Kaylee Thomson says:

    I have the same shirt as tanner ? didn’t know he shopped at hot topic lol

  4. Aj6349 says:

    The gun looks like Sable International’s gun in the ps4 game spider man

  5. SyeDeath says:

    Tanner: you can have a different opinion than me but if you do your wrong

    Me: laughing until i accidentally rolled off my bed

  6. Liza Shami says:

    Im really sad that matt stoped his vlogs i really hope to see lunain some vid

  7. Meh1244 says:

    Top 5 things that ruin my summer.
    1. Mowing the yard
    2. accidentally cutting myself
    3. Fostering some many dogs
    4. talking to people that I know
    5. When it ends

  8. Bayron Lara says:

    Summer is ending in like 2 weeks in Texas so i really don’t care

  9. Lynx says:

    10 products Luna would love(ft Luna)

  10. Jose Garfio says:

    You guys should do a thing called “like to do” where if we like the video enough you will do something like take Michael camping!

  11. FALTU gAmEr says:

    *Next episode :*
    *10 products that MATT would take home*

  12. Jadie Diesalot says:

    my favorite cereal? SHOOTY PEBBLES?!?

  13. hockeyboi78 says:

    Attack shooters and everybody like the video so they do the shooter

  14. bandana animations says:

    0:59 one question…
    Have you ever solved that Rubik’s cube?

  15. HPGAMING 1 says:

    Tanner: do mermaids even have that

    Matthias: no they do

    *his mind goes back to every time he has watched the little mermaid because of Luna*

  16. DHiLLONTM says:

    U guys said nope to shin Chan ? ? ?
    How dare u ?? !!

  17. Can she get it? says:

    Just call them “blasters”, chief.

  18. rhea de leon says:

    Pls do



  19. Vidit Deshpande says:

    I love Catherine!! She is soo cute! I have a crush on her from a long time!

  20. Maddox Gaming says:

    The first product my dad actually got for our pool help

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